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11 Amazing Ways to Dress Your Bulldog on 4th of July

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US celebrates Independence Day every 4th of July. People dress their kids or themselves cute, funny, scary costumes or nothing at all! But did you know that not only people love to dress-up? Yup, you heard it right! In other parts of the world dressing up animals are very un-common, but not in the USA. Mostly people love to show off how cute their pets are.

So today, you will see a lot of cute Bulldogs dressing up for 4th of July. Some of them might not liking the idea of dressing up,  but most of them love to go shopping for nice outfits. So don’t stop scrolling and see what really Bulldogs love to wear and see different ways you can dress your Bulldog, if you have one.

1. I love to look professional and so patriotic especially when going on a campaign. I’m running for President!


2. I still love my costume even though it’s a little too big. Ops I am almost late for my photo shoot!


3. I took off my costume because I felt hot in it. Any problem?


4. I wear what I love most and that shows! Am I cute or cutest?


5. I have decorated the wall, the pillow and myself. Time to cook dinner, but let me sit first.


6. I get to play outside and show off my scarf on 4th of July! Did you know that I put this on myself?


7. I am a little bit sad being an only child. But this hat made me appreciate the sunshine.


8. I feel so tired putting those flags up! Did you know that I am wearing a tutu same color as those flags?


9. I love everything red, white and blue! I am a little bit emotional looking at those planes in the sky.


10. We’re supposed to wear costumes today, but we spent the money on a flag instead!


11. Watching fireworks with my friends. Seriously, we only paid 4 bucks for these costumes! Kidding. These are actually every expensive. 


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