4 Best Tips to Stop a Dog Wetting the Bed

wetting the bed

If your puppy is wetting the bed, we can have some appreciation for the frustration and worry you’re going through… Our Buck had the same problem when he came home initially…

And trust me, it was quite a painful initial few days. After all, what can you really do as a new owner? You don’t want to kick your little pup out of bed, of course…

Poor pup…

At the same time, the prospect of cleaning the sheets and covers, and disinfecting the bedding!


Don’t worry, however…

In this post, we’ll talk about the 4 best tips to stop your puppy from wetting the bed.

But first…

Let’s understand why it is that your puppy has the habit:

Why is My Puppy Wetting the Bed?

There are three most probable reasons why your puppy is wetting the bed:

  1. Insecurity and Fear
  2. A Lack of Basic Potty Training if Your Puppy is Young
  3. A Medical Condition Such as a Urinary Tract Infection or Incontinence in Older Dogs

Do you think dogs like wetting the very place they sleep in?

They don’t.

Trust me.

When it comes to really young puppies, it’s just a matter of not knowing better.


However, most puppies eventually learn not to soil their beds…

If they have a choice, that is.

A pup locked in his cage for hours doesn’t really have options, does he?

But what if your puppy is wetting your bed?

Some dogs can’t control their bladders in heightened states of excitement or fear.

If your pup tends to pee when he’s really stressed out or excited, you can follow some of our tips here where we cover the problem.

Your puppy could also be suffering from high insecurity.

And one-way dogs cope when they’re insecure or fearful is by covering their scent in others.

So your bed, which smells strongly of you to your pup and is a source of comfort, would seem like a great mask for the smell of their pee…

Yeah, that may not make much sense to you.

To your puppy, though…

In any case, dealing with these situations requires plenty of patient training, time, and effort.

And in case of the third category – professional help from your vet.

Meanwhile, there are ways that you can stop, or at least make it hard for your dog to keep wetting the bed:

1. Get Rid of the Scent!

Dogs are drawn to their usual places for elimination by the lingering scent of pee from the times they’ve gone before.

So if you need to stop your puppy from repeatedly wetting his or your bed, getting rid of the odor must be a big part of cleaning up after the latest “accident”.

Use a strong bio wash, enzyme cleaner, or other recommended products for odor removal to best get rid of the scent.

Also if it’s your bed, wash and clean your own sheets and bedding as often as possible too, so your dog doesn’t feel the urge as much.

2. Reinforce Potty-Training Lessons

If you think you can and should be more consistent with your puppy’s potty training schedule and methods – do that, and stick to it.

Make sure to take your puppy out for a potty break right before sleeping.

Remember that punishing or admonishing your puppy for making a mess indoors is absolutely useless and counter-productive unless you’ve caught him in the act.

And it can be particularly harmful if your dog is the overly submissive kind – worsening the problem.

Punishing after the fact only confuses and hurts the dog, while he learns nothing – only fear.

If you catch your puppy peeing on the bed or any other place indoors, alert him to your displeasure and his mistake by raising your voice or clapping and then taking him outside.

Make sure to praise and reward him for eliminating outdoors so you reinforce good behavior.

3. Limit Access to the Bed

A fairly obvious step.

But a lot of owners feel reluctant to make their beds out of bounds for their pets.

So unless you think nothing of cleaning up and deodorizing the bed after every accident, preventing access to it altogether is the best thing.

Think about it…

Letting your puppy keep sleeping in and wetting the bed also serves to reinforce the bad habit.

4. Switch Over to a Waterproof Bed or Pads

If your puppy wets his own bedding, the best option is to switch over to a waterproof bed or using pee pads until you train him out of the habit.

Here’s a helpful guide to buying the best bulldog bed or use the best pee pads for dogs which do an excellent job of absorbing the mess as well as blocking the odor from lingering in the spot.

You can also use pee pads in your pup’s crate if you need to step out of the house for a while and restrict his movement until then.

We hope these 4 simple tips on how to stop a dog from wetting the bed useful. If you have any suggestions of your own, do mention them in the comments section below.

Image Credit: dogids.com

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