4 Super Dog Shedding Tips to Help Manage at Home

As autumn approaches, your furry friend will most likely start shedding again. Given that, it’s probably a good time to check out these useful advice on managing dog shedding, wouldn’t you agree?

­Of course, different dogs shed differently. For instance, Labradors tend to shed all year, while breeds with thinner coats would probably shed seasonally.

So if you or someone at home has allergies, you’re better off getting yourself a dog that sheds very little. But, hang on, you might ask?

Is my dog possibly shedding way too much?

Is My Dog Shedding Excessively?

There are of course chances that your dog is shedding more than usual for her breed and/or for the season. There could be a variety of reasons behind this, from microbial or parasitic infections to pregnancy or illness.

So if you feel like your pup is shedding way too much, or is showing any of these signs…

  • Dullness or other signs of unhealthy hair
  • Signs of allergies or infections like reddening skin, rashes, etc.
  • Bald spots
  • Sores
  • Unusual behavior like licking her feet or rubbing her face constantly

Make sure you pay a visit to your vet as soon as possible!

4 Tips to Help Deal with Dog Shedding

There a whole lot of things you can do to help deal with dog shedding at home. But here are 4 of the most basic things you absolutely must do…

1. Learn to Brush the Right Way

You must already know how important it is to regularly brush your dog when shedding season dawns.


And if your dog has a double coat like labs, and is a year-long shedder, well, a nice grooming session every couple of days or so is essential during shedding season. It would go a long way towards cutting down the time you have to spend vacuuming the house.

At other times of the year, a brush down at least 2-3 times a week is alright.

But the question is, are you brushing her the right way?

  1. If your dog has a longer or double-coat, you need the right brush, to star with. A slicker brush or a coat rake would be ideal.
  2. For dogs with shorter coats, a natural bristle brush would do just fine.
  3. Remember to brush the right way! First, brush in the direction opposite that in which her hair is growing to loosen and dislodge dead skin and loose hair. Then brush in the direction of hair growth to get all the stuff out. Repeat it a good number of times in the shedding season.

Remember, the key to efficiently manage dog shedding is effective and regular grooming and choose the right dog brush for your dog!

2. Regular Bathing is a Must

Regular bathing at least once every couple of months is essential for basic hygiene. But during dog shedding season, it becomes downright indispensable!

When she’s shedding, try to give your pup a bath every week or so to help wash out and remove all the dead skin and shed hair that the brushing couldn’t get to.

You should also speak to your vet to get a recommendation on anti-shedding shampoo or tips for puppy bathing. And they can also best advise you on the frequency of the bathing, just so you aren’t over-bathing your dog and damaging her skin.

3. Make Sure Your Pup is Eating Well and Staying Hydrated

This is an oft-overlooked thing, and surprisingly effective at reducing the amount your dog might be shedding.

Dehydration, even minor levels, can really make a difference when it comes to maintaining healthy coats.

Believe it.

So make sure your dog is drinking a decent amount of water daily. Usually, an ounce per pound of body weight is considered healthy.

You can also switch up her diet during dog shedding season to ensure better hydration. For instance, including more veggies like carrots and beans in meals, or melon snacks between mealtimes.

Moreover, you can switch their dog food for shedding, the food will provide your dog with enough nutrition and vitamin needed to reduce shedding. You can also give omega 3 fish oil for dogs to makes dog’s fur shiny and soft.

4. Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

That means plenty of vacuuming, of course. But you can also take additional measures like:

Covering up your pup’s regular spots, or places you have to clean up more

Use an easy-to-clean blanket or something on furniture during the shedding season, so you don’t need to work harder on the upholstery, etc.

It also wouldn’t hurt at all to keep a lint roller on hand

Don’t forget to get good car seat covers for when you have to drive your dog!

We hope you found these tips on how to manage dog shedding at home useful! If you have any other tips or suggestions, do let us know in the comments section below!

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