4 Great Tips on How to Stop Your Puppy from Peeing in the Same Spot Repeatedly

peeing in the same spot

We’ve all been there…

You spend all those hours potty training your new puppy…

And he seems to be doing so well.


There’s always that one spot in the house that the little tyke ALWAYS wants to pee in.

Familiar feeling?

Yeah, don’t worry about it…

As always, we have solutions for you!

But first, let’s understand whether you got all the steps right in the training itself…

Being Certain that You Are Training Your Puppy Right

When you’re feeling doubt or frustration while housebreaking your puppy, before worrying whether your puppy is just being difficult, it’s always a good idea to go over the checklist.

You know, the basic steps to housebreaking your puppy…

Make sure you’ve been repeating the necessary steps consistently every day.

For instance:

  • Taking your puppy for her regular walks without fail as per her regular schedule
  • Taking her out every time you see the “signs” she wants to go
  • Rewarding her consistently for good behavior when she goes according to the rules

If you get to check all those boxes, perhaps go through some of our useful potty training tips in our posts here and here?

Also, you can always make a little more time for you pup to be extra sure she gets all the potty-breaks she needs…

Maybe increase the frequency of your walks and see if that improves things?

What You Can Do to Stop Your Dog from Peeing in the Same Spot

If you’re sure you’ve covered all the bases when it comes to potty training, and know it’s your puppy’s habit more than anything else…

There are several things you can try to stop your puppy from peeing in the same spot repeatedly…

Here are a few:

 1. Getting Rid of the Scent at the Spot

You know as well as anyone that dogs are in many ways creatures of habit.

And the main thing leading them around in their day-to-day business is their nose.

Like even on their regular walks, your puppy would be hitting some of her regular spots like clockwork every time.

You’ve noticed it right?

Well it’s the same thing with the spot indoors…

If she’s peed there a bunch of times, the scent will linger.

And half the job of stopping that habit is to get rid of that trigger.

Use a good, strong enzyme cleaner or odor remover to work the spot.

Clean it over a few days to make sure you get everything.

And while your puppy continues peeing in the same spot – after all, you can’t watch her all the time – make sure you use a high quality puppy pee pad that absorbs the moisture as well as the odor.

Our Bulldogology Premium Puppy Pads, particularly the Carbon-Activated version does the job amazingly, if we may say so ourselves.

After all…

Your puppy won’t change her ways immediately…

And that’s where pee pads will help you, as well as eliminating the job of cleaning up after to a major extent.

 2. Creating Barriers to the Spot

Usually dogs go and eliminate in places that others in the family – them included – don’t frequent much.

However, as long as they have access to the spot, they will feel the urge to continue doing their business there.

So how about cutting off that access?

While some owners use things like repellent sprays and other things whose smells discourage dogs from coming near, we’d rather you go for more natural methods.

If no one at home uses that particular room, you can close the door.

And while you’re at it, cut off access to other such unfrequented rooms…

You guessed it!

Your puppy may just want to switch up to another spot!

Or if you can’t close off the room, you can try and put up a barrier exclusively for your pup, like a doggy door.

3. Make Sure You’re Rewarding Your Puppy for Going Outside

While it’s great that you’re going around eliminating traces of your pup’s familiar spot, or cutting off access outright…

Make sure you’re taking care of the other end of the other extreme too…

Be extra affectionate and effusive with your rewards for when your pup eliminates outside…

That way she will become more inclined towards following her training schedule as well.

4. Playing to Your Puppy’s Territorial Behavior

Like we mentioned earlier, dogs don’t like to eliminate in places that they pr their family frequent.

That’s right…

Against all the evidence you might be seeing thus far, dogs do like to keep themselves, as well as their regular surrounding clean.

So, for instance, your dog may not eliminate in your backyard if he plays around there…

But he will have no qualms about leaving presents for the neighbor in his yard!

But when it comes to you stopping your puppy from peeing in the same spot indoors, you can use this psychology to your benefit.

If that spot is in a room you or your puppy don’t use much, start using it!

It doesn’t have to be much…

Just go and play with your puppy at or near the spot every day.

Or pull up a chair and do some work or reading while your pup keeps you company.

If your puppy starts seeing it as his territory as well, she would not want to continue dirtying it.

We hope you found these tips useful in stopping your puppy from peeing in the same spot repeatedly.

If you have any tips of your own that you found useful, do mention them in the comments section below!

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