5 Adorable Bulldog Facial Expressions That Will Melt Your Heart

featured image by @harrisonfordbulldog

Bulldogs are surely one of the cutest dog breeds on earth. Right now I am sure you are planning to get one for Christmas, Summer or just because. But do you know which one to get?  Maybe you are looking for the wrinkliest one, or the one with a saddest face. Something that makes you say “Awww how cute!”  If they could talk, they probably are telling you “take me home” or if you have one already they say “buy me lots of  treats!”.  That’s why most Bulldogs are fat because we could’t help to feed them every time they look at us while sitting on the floor like a human being. The following photos are going to melt your heart and make you want a Bulldog now. Check and find out which one is your favorite face!

1. This photo deserves to be on the top of the list! Even the husky voted to take me home!


2. I am just too shy and my mama will  do the talking. “Mama wake up!”


3. Walking down the boulevard, I turn heads  and look very fancy in this scarf!


4. I fit in any onesie, will turn the TV on and even sit like you do.


5. Nobody has ever made a face sadder than this! Not my favorite color I’m telling ya!


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