5 Awesome Tricks To Teach Your Bulldog [ Stuffs That Humans Do]

featured image by @cajsaorden 

Have you ever think about teaching your Bulldogs tricks that are not only fun for Bulldogs, but also would make your life easier? If Bulldogs can sit like humans, there’s no reason they don’t learn things that humans are already doing. You can teach them simple household chores that maybe for them are just like playing. You’re not only teaching them tricks, you are also tricking them. This is so fun! That’s why you have them as pets right? Because they are so much fun to be with, aside from being so smart. So go ahead teach your Bulldog these tricks and see how quickly they learn.

1. Teach your Bulldog how to fold clothes. Maybe next time your laundry will not stay inside the dryer for two weeks!

2. Turn them into a baby chair. Just make sure the baby isn’t too heavy for them.

3. Have them babysit! After all, Bulldogs are  one of best dogs for kids.

4. Have that wrinkly dog wash the dishes! Teach them well, make sure they don’t just lick them.

5. Can they cook? Let them try and tell them if they know how to eat, they should also know how to cook.

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