5 English Bulldogs Looking To Get Fit This Year

It’s never too late to start your new year’s resolution. Your furry friend notices that you are trying to get healthier and wants to join you on your quest to a new lifestyle! Check out these English Bulldogs who are trying(and I emphasize TRYING) to be just like you.

1. Ok, it’s always important to get warmed up before a work out. Let’s start with some nice light jumping to get started.

2. Look, I really want to chase this ball around…but I’m kinda buried at the moment.

3. You need a workout buddy. Here’s mine, but it looks like he isn’t into wrestling as much as I am.

4. Have you seen my running shoes? I found yours…

5. I notice that the fridge is missing its usual yummy goodies. I guess I will have to eat this stuff…its healthy right?

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