Sometimes, life can become predictable. So, we imagine ourselves in a whole different world, becoming whatever we want to be. Daydreaming isn’t just for humans, our furry pals have wild imaginations also. Check out these fantasizing french bulldogs forgetting who they are and pretending to be whatever their little hearts desire!


1. Just waiting for my human to get home so I can take him/her for a walk. I guess I will just catch up on my reading.

2. Fetch? Sorry, I don’t do that. I’m R2-D2. Beep beep bark beep.

3. I guess I’m a lamp…because I “light up” your life.

4. Ok, Ok….I promise I will the business report in an hour. Let me just take a five minute nap.

5. Hello everyone. I am your new gym trainer. Let’s start with a few push-ups. Just follow my lead.