6 Amazing Guides To Staying Safe Around Other People’s Bulldogs

You don’t always run towards other people’s Bulldogs or even a new dog that you bought from the pet store, do you? Common sense dictates that you should always be cautious when dealing with dogs especially those ones that you haven’t established mutual trust yet.

Most Bulldogs are great with kids, but other people’s Bulldogs? Not so much! Most kids would run towards a Bulldog walking on the street and pet them. These should not be the case. Bulldogs are sweet in nature, but you aren’t sure how they react to strangers.  If they growls, it means they are trying to tell you something, or it is a sort of warning.

Fortunately here at Bulldogology, we always take into consideration the safety of Bulldogs and people around them.
That’s why our topic this week is about how to stay safe around other people’s Bulldogs especially if you have kids who love to pet dogs they see at the park or on the street.

1. Never take food from a Bulldog while he is eating. Humans are not supposed to eat dog food, do they?

2. Never approached a Bulldog on a leash. Ask the owner first if it’s safe to pet the dog.

3. Never put your face close to Bulldog’s or stare into their eyes. These could result to biting especially if the dog isn’t use to starting or if the face isn’t someone they are familiar with.

4. Never take away bones or toys from any Bulldog while he is playing with it. This could lead to trust issues and remember, “dogs remember” what you do and how you treat them.

5. Never tease Bulldogs. Don’t make them think you are giving them a treat when you aren’t.

6. Never disturb or touch a sleeping Bulldog. If you need to wake them up, call their name but don’t touch. That way you don’t startle them or scare them which could result to biting.

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