5 Awesome Bulldog Tips to Prepare for Summer [ Photos of Bulldogs With Relaxed Personalities]

featured image by  @napoleonpachacutec

We all love summer, even Bulldogs. So today, your cute Bulldog friends are going to give you some tips on how to prepare for the summer. Summer is for fun, sun and having that awesome happy feeling is what Bulldogs want all of you guys to have.  So if you want to have an awesome summer this year keep reading and find out what these cute puppies are up to!  Do you want to get that summer body? Bulldogs have some tips for you, so come check them out below.

1. Go fishing on the lake. Fishing is very relaxing and it will get you use to the outside temperature and bugs that comes out when it’s hot.


2. Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the roses. Some bulldogs grumble  because roses have thorns. Me? I am thankful that thorns have roses! 


3. Spend some time alone in the wilderness reflecting both good and bad memories, and then let go. Don’t hold on to a feeling for too long.


4. Get some tan! I know you’re saying “Everyone knows that”. But dude you didn’t know you can get tan just by watering the plants!


5. Breath in peace, breath out anxiety. Yeah you guess it. Spend some time for relaxation, and did you know that you can breath out fats too?


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