7 Best Bulldog Photos [All American Pet Photo Day]

featured image by @enkeithpug.ft.sanka

This day is observed annually every 11th of July. Pets are being dressed and photographed in their best pose, best dress or anything that is considered best. Today we are going to feature the best looking photographs of Bulldogs that are taken on this date. Get a note and pen and take note of these tips on how to take the best photos of your Bulldogs which you can apply for your other pets too. Not just Bulldogs.

1. This is the most inexpensive way to photograph your Bulldog puppy. Looks like he shredded those paper in equal sizes.

2. Want to shoot a cute photo of your Bulldog? Then get another cute animal and let them pose together.

3. Show the difference between a Bulldog and other dogs. Just don’t let them know that you prefer one over another.

4. Another tips for taking the perfect photo is to watch out for imperfect situations. But you still have to ask your pet for permission before posting it online.

5. Let your Bulldog hold the camera and make people think that he is taking a selfie. This  is extra-ordinary!

6. Don’t be afraid to use all your photo paraphernalias, costumes and backgrounds. After all, this is a pet photo day!

7. Let your Bulldog wear his favorite suit! Comfort equals confidence.

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