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7 Adorable Bulldog Sandwich Pictures 2017

Featured image by captainhugo2
You probably have done everything you possibly could with your bully, like take it to the park, play with it in the bathtub, run a marathon, take it to the mountain or buy it beautiful and fancy clothes. But, have you ever tried a Bulldog Sandwich? If the answer is “no” then you need to keep scrolling down and watch this crazy and adorable idea you can put into practice if you want to try a different thing for your next selfie or bulldog portrait.

1. We want to stay with mom all day long and also eat in bed!

2. He’s a crazy friend of us who wanted to make a sandwich picture.

3. She’s preparing herself for the most amazing sandwich picture, and we’ll wait for her.

4. When you have two crazy moms, you have to agree on anything they want to do.

5. Winter is coming, and we’re preparing ourselves for this crazy season.

6. Papa is so cozy, who wouldn’t want to make a sandwich picture with him?

7. Who said a road trip is not the perfect occasion for the most amazing Bulldog Sandwich?

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