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8 Adorable Bulldogs Celebrating The Hug Your Cat Day 2017

Featured image by @pequedeleon
Every dog is unique, but in Bulldogology town we have adorable Bulldogs. It’s incredible to see the kindness and sweetness of our bullies. Thus, it’s not weird that they celebrate the Hug Your Cat Day. Some of our babies live with cats brothers and sister. Despite what people think, they can easily get along. Furthermore, they can create beautiful relationships. So, tell us, does your Bulldog live with a cat?

1. Let’s leave this one out of the hug because it ate all the food.


2. I will hug you in a minute, but first, let’s take a pleasant nap.


3.  Yes, we can cuddle while sleeping, but you need to try harder.


4. Isn’t this the Hug Your Cat Day? Then, why are we the ones hugging him?


5. It doesn’t count if I’m the only one in the hug. So, give me that love of yours.


6. Let’s go somewhere nobody can see our hugging time. Therefore, it can be a big hug.


7. Isn’t this nice? I think we can do this once a week, but don’t tell anyone.


8. Dad, the only person enjoying this hug is you. Please, stop this.


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