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8 Adorable Bulldogs Celebrating Let’s Hug Day 2017

Featured image by @kimbo_bulli
When you come back from work or a long trip, the first thing you want is to hug your adorable Bulldogs. Even if there’s no reason at all, hugging your baby is the best moment of the day. Besides, it’s like a therapy and it helps you to find peace and comfort. So, we wanted to celebrate the Let’s Hug Day 2017, so you can join us to this party in Bulldogology town.

1. He seemed to need a good hug. Therefore, I came to rescue him with my best one.

2. She’s the cutest thing ever. Furthermore, she loves to play with me all day.

3. Being an adorable Bulldog is so easy when you have a mother that loves you so much.

4. Oh, my God! My dad can’t realize that I don’t want to hug him in this moment. Help!

5. We look exactly the same, don’t we? Besides, I can hug him and people think is two heads person.

6. When you want your dad to hug you. But, he only wants to watch TV.

7. You can’t see much. But, I assure you, this is the best hug of the world.

8. One hug is not enough. Thus, we wanted to share multiple hugs at the same time.

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