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👋 Welcome Pet Influencers!

Above are all the tools you need to get started to help support Bulldogology brand and even better, to help you make money! 😉

Below are current updates to our program and what we’re planning to improve, plus get tips to get started.

Also, be on the lookout for our exclusive affiliate emails, we’ll announce when we have big sales and updates.

If you have any questions about your accounts, please reach out to [email protected]

Thank you from the Bulldogology Affiliate Team

IMPORTANT: Make sure to bookmark this page! This is your personal affiliate area.

Update #1. Your Affiliate Referral URL

You can now use your username for your referral link.

This is your standard referral link:


Replace “username” with your username, or create your own custom referral URL.

By the way, we’ve received reports of the old referral URL not working correctly. This is updated and fixed, please reach out if you are still having issues.

Update #2. Referral URL Generator

You can measure your marketing campaigns, all you have to do is enter any URL from your Affiliate URL Referral URL Generator to create a trackable referral link!

Easily keep track of and measure your campaign performance.

Update #3. [Ambassadors Only] Your Customer Coupon Code

You can now have your own 15% coupon code to use for any promotion. This coupon code is made only for your audience. Once your customers make a purchase using your coupon, you’ll also get credit for your referral.

*To get your personalized coupon code, please reach out to us to discuss. Not an Ambassador but want to sign up? Click here to fill out your application.

Update #4. Direct Linking

You can have the ability to link directly to this site, from your own website, without an affiliate link.

Submit your domain or individual domain path below for approval.

Traffic Hack: Gain Advantage on Promo Days

Keep a lookout for our promotion where we promote our exclusive sales to our customers. This is your chance to jump in and promote to benefit the traffic from our promotions.