Are Carrots Good for Dogs? 3 Best Ways to Put Them in your Dog’s Diet

are carrots good for dogs

When pet owners inquire about the suitability of “human food” for their young dogs, the question, “Can dogs eat carrots?” is one that seldom arises.

And honestly, it’s a pity.

Because, yes! Carrots are good for dogs!

And they can be a great addition to the diet of a growing puppy.

Perhaps it’s because they’re a vegetable.

Let’s face it

Vegetables are the outcasts of the average diet.

And when it comes to pets people rarely consider feeding them food outside of meat and dairy.

However – and your vet will back this up – as long as your puppy has no allergy or sensitivity to it, carrots are about as great for dogs as they are for people.

Here’s why…

Reasons Why Carrots are in Your Dog’s Diet is a Healthy Choice

We all know that carrots are a healthy diet choice for people.

But are carrots good for dogs? That’s a question that may stump the odd dog owner.

After all, dogs obviously have different needs from us.

But as it turns out, carrots are one of the few foods both people and our canine friends can relish to our own benefit.

1. Crunching on Carrots Helps Scrape Away Dental Plaque

It’s simple enough.

One of the better ways to care for your teeth is to chew and gnaw away at food that give your teeth a good workout.

And eating tough, young, crunchy carrots is one of them.

Chewing on raw carrots helps scrape away at plaque and pick out food particles stuck in nooks between your puppy’s teeth.

2. Great Source of Vitamin A and Beta Carotenes

Growing up we’ve all heard it at home…

“Eat your carrots if you want to have good eyesight.”

Well it’s the same for puppies.

Carrots have vitamin A as well as other essential nutrients such as beta carotenes.

And these are essential for a host of other things apart from maintaining the health of your eyes.

For your puppy, these nutrients will help to keep a good, healthy coat and skin, as well as shore up immunity.

3. A Natural, Low-Calorie Health Snack in between Meals

Think about it…

Between fatty, appetite ruining, sugary doggy treats and a couple of tasty, all-natural, healthy, crunchy carrots, which would you rather your puppy chew on between mealtimes?

If nothing else, this answers the question “are carrots good for dogs” for everyone.

It’s a no-brainer isn’t it.

4. Has Good Fiber that Aids Digestion

Another great thing about carrots is their healthy content of soluble fiber.

Getting enough fiber from food is important to maintain good bowel movement.

Or in plain terms…

Good fiber content equals healthy poop. And that’s nothing to scoff at.

Healthy poop means good digestion and absorption of the nutrients and fluids by your puppy’s gut.

If your puppy’s poop is more watery than usual, she may well need more fiber in her food.

However, take care that your puppy is also getting plenty of water along with the fiber lest you cause an upset stomach.

3 Tips on How to Include More Carrots in Your Puppy’s Diet

Now that you know the answer to the question “are carrots good for dogs?” you must be eager to include more of them into your puppy’s diet.

That can be trickier if your puppy doesn’t happen to like crunching on raw carrots.

But hang on…

Luckily there are a number of other ways you can sneak in more carrots into your puppy’s diet.

1. Cooked Carrots to Ease Digestion

Boiling or cooking makes them easier to digest and break down in your puppy’s tummy.

Carrots and other vegetables contain cellulose which can’t really be broken down efficiently by a dog.

So a puppy’s stomach needs to work extra hard to get at the nutrients.

And too much cellulose can cause gas and an upset stomach.

So even though your puppy can eat raw carrots, try to feed them cooked for good results.

However, don’t try things like adding spices or sugar to the carrots – those are no good for your puppy.

2. All Good Things in Moderation

We all know this.

Too much of a good thing can make trouble.

And it’s the same here.

Yes, dogs can eat carrots.

But while carrots have plenty of good stuff that makes them such a healthy part of the diet, they also have things that spell trouble when eaten in excess.

Carrots have sugar, and cellulose, which can be bad for your puppy if he’s chomping on them too much.

Ask your vet before you make any major changes to your puppy’s diet lest you’re not aware of any allergies or conditions beforehand.

And make sure you know how much your puppy can eat before you decide to include new food to his diet.

3. Experiment with Juices and Treats

Sometimes smaller breeds can have a hard time with food unless it hasn’t been served cut-up.

If your puppy is the sort who needs bite-sized portions to eat, or has a tendency to choke on his food, try other options.

Like what, you wonder?

For one, juices can be a good, simple choice if your puppy takes to it.

But unlike with solid food you’ll need to be a bit more careful about excesses in this case.

Juices tend to have a higher sugar content than their solid counterparts.

So if your dog has diabetes or other conditions that call for strict moderation, you must be careful.

Another choice is mashing cooked carrots into your puppy’s meals.

Plus there are brands of dog treats that include carrots and other healthy ingredients in their formula.

You can check with your vet about some of these brands or go through the labels yourself.

Concluding on are carrots good for dogs, we hope you find these tips and suggestions useful as you think up your puppy’s diet.

If you have more tips on how to incorporate carrots into a puppy’s meals, do let us know in the comments section below!

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