How Are Dog Poop Bags Smell Proof? Here’s an Interesting Explanation

are dog poop bags smell proof

The inherent smell of feces can be rather repugnant, yet it is achievable to maintain them without any scent when secured in bags. Indeed, specific methods can make this attainable.

Do you know how are dog poop bags smell proof? Keep reading to find out the interesting explanation and to better learn how to properly handle and make your dog’s waste free from smell.

About Dog Poops or Wastes

Dog poop, or dog waste, can vary in size and quantity. It’s very important to take a few precautions when handling animal feces.

Dogs have specific guidelines for “household” and “off the leash” excrement.

The feces of your pet can be a nuisance when you have to clean it up, but there are ways to make it easier.

It is considered a “waste” item like other waste generated by the home and nature.

Dog owners often choose to leave it outside the home, which makes this waste highly visible and attracts flies, which creates annoyance to the neighbors.

Dog Poop Disposal

Dog poop disposal is a tricky subject. On the one hand, it is poop. On the other hand, it is poop that your dog leaves behind when he is not only pooping but also peeing and making regular bathroom visits.

When you have got a dog in your life, there are going to be times when you’ll want to dispose of his feces properly.

That is why we have put together this guide on how to dispose of dog waste in a smell-free way!

Consider the Smell

The smell is the biggest factor in whether your dog poop is disposed of correctly. If you are just disposing of it for convenience’s sake, you may want to use a bin that has been stored indoors.

When it smells like an animal, it will be hard to get rid of that smell. Also, if you are in a situation where there are no other options (like being in a rural area), then you should try to find a way to dispose of the dog poop in your yard or on your property instead.


are dog poop bags smell proof

Make sure that you pick up any poop immediately after your dog does so that it does not get dried out too quickly which could result in odors being emitted from the pile itself over time if left untreated until then!

Throwing to Bin

When it comes time to put it in the bin, try not to use any human-made chemicals or cleaners on the feces.

This could potentially harm the environment and make your neighbors unhappy with the smell coming out of their trash cans.

Instead, use plain old water and lemon juice or vinegar (these will also help neutralize odors).

You can try using biodegradable poop bags for collecting dog waste (the type used for vegetables) instead of plastic ones which can leach chemicals into our waterways over time.

Bury in a Hole

Do not flush their waste down the toilet. This will cause clogs in your pipes and possibly sewage backups, which can be bad for the environment in general.

Instead, take it outside and bury it in a hole about six inches deep (or as deep as your dog can dig!). It will decompose quickly and stop unleash awful smells in your yard!

If there are no holes around where you live or work, try digging a pit in your backyard or alleyway and covering it with dirt and leaves until your pup finishes going potty there.

If digging is not an option for you and you want to keep the smell out of your house but still get rid of the poop immediately, put newspaper down on the hole.

Compost It

Another way to dispose of dog waste is to compost it with other organic matter.

Control the smell of your dog’s poops!

Ways to Control Poop Smell

There are many things you can do to get rid of or just lessen the smell of dog poop.

Poop Training

Train your dog to eliminate outside. When he does this potty training every day, he will learn that it is something that he should do.

Clean as He’s Done

Clean up your dog’s mess immediately! Try doing this right after he eliminates his waste, so all his waste is not lying around.

Isolate from Other Pets

Keep him separated from other pets and stray dogs in your neighborhood by installing a doggie door at the base of your stairs and fencing off any areas where they will be able to spread odor using newspapers, coffee grounds, and kitty litter.

Trash is Away

Make sure the trash is at least three feet away from your yard and never on top of a grassy area or flower beds.

Inaccessibility of Trash

Your dog should not have access to the trash in your yard. Never give him a chance to litter the trash anywhere. You will never know what other stuff is inside the garbage bin such as dirty diapers.

Waste Bag Dispenser for Trash Collection

Use a pet waste bag dispenser to collect bags for pickup. Pet waste should be picked up on a daily basis as long as it’s not raining as that will cause the scent to stay with you longer. Scented garbage bags will keep the smell at bay.

Diet Control

Dogs with proper nutrition have less of a tendency to go in their feces, and therefore will have less odor.

Taking Dogs for Walks

Running around in grass and dirt helps with digestion, and so does playing with other dogs.

A great place to look for signs of potential digestion problems is within the gums at the back of your dog’s mouth.

Uses and Benefits of Poop Bags

are dog poop bags smell proof

Puppies and dogs can get into all kinds of trouble, so they must have an effortless way to clean up after their messes. Dog poop bags are great for just that.

You will use poop bags to pick up after your dog when he gets into something, pee or poo on the grass, street, or sidewalk.

This is a pretty easy thing to do and can be done without even needing any tools at all.

These bags are equipped with handles so you can pick them up more easily and dump out the contents easily.

They are a useful, lightweight tool that can help keep the area around the doghouse clean. Just throw the bag out, and you can use it over again.

Apart from making sure that your dog’s waste is properly disposed of, they also help improve the smell in your house and make clean-up easier.

Poop bags cost less than most other pet products.

Veterinarians use these trash bags to gather samples of dog poop during the check-up process.

Proper Disposal of Dog Waste Bags

When it comes to the proper disposal of dog waste bags, you need to know what is best for your pet. There are many ways to dispose of dog waste bags, a few of which could increase the risk of sickness.

So, be incredibly careful in throwing the trash bags. Here are the right or proper ways to do it:

Store the bags in a container in your yard or on your porch until they are full and then wrap them back up.

Place them inside the trash can or bin, and not on the ground.

For biodegradable bags, try composting them along with the other organic materials several meters away from your house.

How about the smell of the poop bags?

Tips to Make Dog Poop Bags Smell Free

There are lots of options to keep your dog poop bags from being smelly.

  • Try not to reinforce your dog’s bad habit of leaving it out by consistently having more bags at home than necessary. It would be more helpful to limit the bags used for the waste. Also, this will lower your trash to get rid of.
  • Some dog owners spray essential oils, lots of mint, or other fragrances/odor eliminators on the bag to cover up the bad smells and make them pleasant to the nose. As much as possible, minimize the spread of the nasty smell of the bags.
  • Make sure that the poop bags are made from durable material so that they will not easily tear. This will help curb the smell of the poops.
  • If you want to help protect the environment and save money, then make sure that your dog poops inside and not directly in front of your house.
  • Use paper bags. These bags can be purchased at most grocery or discount stores. The bottom and sides of the bags should be printed only with the words, “do not flush.” Their size and shape should also be appropriate for your dog’s waste.
  • You can sprinkle baking soda inside the bag to absorb the odor naturally. This means you are trying to alleviate the annoying smell of dog waste. Baking soda is also a natural product making it environmentally friendly and safe.
  • Another effective solution you may use to lessen the poop smell is vinegar. Vinegar helps neutralize the odor from the poop inside the bag.
  • When reusing a bag, remove all the products before throwing them because they could have been contaminated with bacteria and yeast.
  • Take every precaution when your dog travels on his walks. If possible, choose a time of day when there is less traffic, and try to avoid street crossings where dog waste tends to accumulate due to the open nature of many spaces in cities.

Any more questions?

Are Dog Poop Bags Smell Proof FAQs

For more information about managing your pup’s poop bag, consider the following answered questions:

How to prevent dog poop from smelling?

As mentioned above, dog poops may not have an unpleasant smell through poop training, cleaning, isolation from other pets, diet control, etc.

Also, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to clean up your dog’s mess. Your dog does not belong in the public domain and should be taken for walks on a leash.

Why do people need to throw dog poo bags?

Dog owners should use these bags because they can catch all the dog poop, so it does not end up on the ground or in your trash can.

This is important because it helps you to keep your family safe as well as the environment around you clean, plus it helps with work efforts and finding a solution, like using a biodegradable bag to put them in.

You can use this same procedure when disposing of other items like grass clippings and leaves that are part of your yard care routine.

In addition, it is a way for you to manage your dog’s waste. Putting it in the garbage helps with keeping down on your waste management costs.

The more you do that, the less you will pay at the end of the day, and this can be particularly useful if you are in a situation where there is no easy way to drop off your dog’s waste bag.

Can humans also use dog poop bags?

Yes, of course, since humans also have waste and are smelly. The bags will also help keep unwanted smells.

Where should you place the dog poo bags?

Poo bags need to be disposed of in storage bins or trash cans.

You can store the bags in poop porter since it has several compartments. These compartments allow you to immediately pull-out unused poop bags.

How to dispose of dog poop without smell?

To avoid the smell when disposing of the poop, properly pick it up, throw in the bin, bury, and compost it. More info is available above.


With the explanation provided above, managing the poop bags used for your pet’s waste is now easy and safe.

We hope that the explanation on how are dog poop bags smell proof will resolve your worry about the unpleasant smell of the bags.

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