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Beach Day 2017: 8 Happy Bulldogs Playing With Sand And Water

Featured image by @naboabulldog
We’re saying goodbye to the Summer, but we still want to celebrate a special day. Beach Day 2017 is a great celebration for coast Bulldogs that adore the mix of sand and water. Furthermore, they have their party when they go to the beach. Also, they get the chance to meet new bullies, play with their humans and swim a little bit. We went to Bulldogology east coast and caught up some babies!

1. Where are the white sands and crystalline water you promised?


2. We laugh because we’re happy and because the sun doesn’t let us open our eyes.


3. Daddy thinks I love the beach because of the sun and water, but I like it because I get to kiss a lot of girls.


4. Here we are, pretending we’re waiting to play, but all we want is beach’s snacks!


5. You may see a lonely dog sad in the sand, but I’m only looking for the food I buried yesterday.


6. We go to the beach with style because we love to celebrate Beach Day 2017 correctly.


7. Today, since it’s Beach Day 2017, I will leave my paws marked in the sand because it’s a special day.


8. Beach Day 2017, huh? Of course, we can celebrate it here, although it’s a little bit cold.


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