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Pasta Day Celebration: 7 Beautiful Italian Bulldogs

Featured image by @missdafne_
¡Mamma mía! Pasta Day is just about time because we wanted to take a trip to the food land. Indeed, we took over to Italia and met gorgeous Italian Bulldogs on the country. Furthermore, they were kind as expected and told a lot of stories about the good food of their country. Take a look on these babies, and, if you own an Italian bully, please share it with us!

1. I might be a Frenchie, but I’m 100% Italian. So, please stop saying I’m not.

2. They promised me pasta. Instead,  have to be ok with this pig toy.

3. Do I look cute like most Italians do? Certainly, I think I look better.

4. You won’t find a better Italian Bulldog than me. So, please stop searching.

5. Which one do you think is the most beautiful Italian Bulldog?

6. They prefer to eat pasta and wine. But, I totally support Coca-Cola instead.

7. Only Italian Bulldogs can handle these tricks. Furthermore, we’re better good looking.

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