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Pets save of our souls from the world around us. They give us comfort, support, and unconditional love. Somehow, they always know when we need a hug after a bad day and are always searching a smile on our face. Thence, they become part of our family, and we treasure them so much. Likewise, when you own bully, you need to create a close link based on love and understanding in order to have a Happy Bulldogs and avoid future issues.

1. Sometimes, my mom wants to eat my face, but I know she loves me so much.


2. As you can see, my family knows I need a fancy set if they want pictures of me.


3. She says she loves me because we have the same eyes. What do you think?

4. Love is a big word in this house. Mom and dad use it for everything.


5. She taught me how to smile and be happy. I love her so much!


6. Your family loves you when they want you to look stylish every day of your life.


7. Time fly! I can’t count my blessings. I’m such a spoiled kid.