Tips on How to Find the Best Beds for French Bulldogs

Best beds for french bulldogs

Is your French bulldog having trouble catching some z’s? Think about investing in a premium bed for your furry friend! The following guide will help make it a breeze for you to discover the best beds for French Bulldogs.

Our top choice will be Blueberry Pet’s Fully Removable and Washable Heavy Duty Dog Bed.


Top French Bulldog Beds Quick List

Based on different reviews, these are the best French Bulldog beds in the market today:

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More details are discussed below!

Types of Dog Beds

Whether onsite or online, you need to get information first on the type of dog bed you need for your Frenchy pet. Know each of the following types of dog beds first:

Elevated Bed

The elevated dog bed is designed to elevate the dog’s feet, which can help relieve joint pain and inflammation. This kind of bed is ideal for dogs who need a little extra space to stretch out, like French Bulldogs.

Its elevated portion will help your pet feel more comfortable as well as give him more stability when jumping up onto the bed. It comes in two sizes so you can make sure it’s just right for him!

Moreover, elevated beds are often recommended for dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis because they help relieve pressure on those dog’s joints while they sleep.

Orthopedic Bed

If your pup has arthritis or other joint issues, an orthopedic bed may be a good choice for him. This bed is made from a specialized fabric material that supports your dog’s spine.

The extra-thick cushioning layer of the bed helps relieve pressure on joints in addition to providing cushioning support during stretching exercises. This is especially important for older dogs with arthritis issues!

Orthopedic beds for French Bulldogs usually have reinforced edges so that they won’t break apart when your dog uses them as a lounger.

Also, they have extra padding at the end of each leg so that your Frenchie doesn’t feel joint pain when he climbs into them!

Soft Pillow Bed

This pillow-like pet bed has a soft, squishy, soft sleeping surface that can provide comfort for your dog as he sleeps. Its soft padding provides comfort while still allowing air to circulate his body to prevent feeling too hot or too cold!

Soft pillow beds are great for dogs who like soft surfaces in their beds, or just need something softer than an orthopedic bed to lay on. They’re great if your best friend has allergies or sensitive skin!

Cooling Pad Bed

This cooling pad mat is designed to cool your dog off when he gets too warm while sleeping, reducing the risk of overheating.

Tent Bed

This tent-like bed helps keep your pooch dry during the night by providing a safe place for him to rest comfortably in his own space while you are away from home.

Donut Bed

A donut-shaped dog bed provides support for your pet’s spine and helps relieve pressure on various areas of his body such as elbows, knees, etc.

Top 5 Best Dog Beds in 2023

The items below are the best French Bulldog beds you can find in the market today:

1. Blueberry Pet’s Fully Removable and Washable Heavy Duty Dog Bed

As its name implies, it’s the durability of Blueberry Pet’s Fully Removable and Washable Heavy Duty Dog Bed that makes it the top bed for dogs.

The premium dog bed comes with a machine-washable, removable microsuede cover so you need not worry about your pup tracking debris or dirt into the bed.


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The bed’s bolstered design has recycled microfiber supporting your canine elsewhere. It fits any dog breed and size.

Specific Features:

  • Bolstered dog bed

  • Heavy duty design

  • Materials (linen, fabric, and cotton)

  • Machine-washable and removable bed’s cover

  • Available in various sizes from small to large

  • Microfiber


  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Provides support
  • Multiple color options
  • Safe and easy to clean


  • May have difficulty putting on its cover

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2. Best Friends by Sheri’s Calming Donut Dog Bed

This Calming Donut Dog Bed from Best Friends by Sheri has a unique design to keep your French bulldog secure and safe while sleeping.

The Sheri dog bed is made from high-quality faux shag fur and polyester fabric.


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Its bottom part is water-resistant and dirt resistant. Like the previous bed, this bed also comes with a machine washable and removable cover.

Specific Features:

  • Vegan faux shag fur

  • Made from polyester

  • Machine washable cover

  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Washable
  • Calming
  • No flame retardants
  • Free from formaldehyde
  • No harsh dyes
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile


  • May not be the best for a chewer dog

  • No bottom grips

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3. Best Pet Supplies Soft Dog Tent Bed

Made from high-quality materials, Best Pet Supplies Soft Dog Tent Bed highlights various colors and stylish designs. Try any of its nine colors and three sizes matching your pup’s personality.


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The plush pet tent bed comes with an anti-skid bottom that keeps it from sliding. This high-quality dog bed offers a great look indoors and makes your house feel cozy.

Also, it is machine washable and easy to maintain.

Specific Features:

  • Tent design

  • Fabric used (linen, faux suede, and corduroy)

  • Anti-skid base

  • Available in 9 colors and 3 sizes

  • Great indoor look


  • Made from different fabrics
  • Timeless style
  • Easy maintenance
  • Long-lasting
  • Cozy


  • Fits small dogs only

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4. PetFusion’s Ultimate Lounge Memory Orthopedic Dog Bed

It is the thick memory foam of the Ultimate Lounge Memory Orthopedic Dog Bed from PetFusion that makes it a great orthopedic bed.

The foam supports the body of your dog during sleep with a polyester and water-resistant cover. Its cover is also removable.


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This PetFusion dog bed is unlikely to cause allergic reactions, especially for a senior French Bulldog. Such a feature is great for French Bulldogs with sensitive skin.

Its neck support is beneficial for Frenchies with tendencies to snore in their sleep.

It is perfect for young puppies under potty training. Its bed liner is water-resistant keeping dogs comfortable and safe. You can choose from its different sizes the best one for your pooch.

Specific Features:

  • Orthopedic design bed

  • Memory foam dog bed

  • Tear-resistant cover

  • Non-skid bottom

  • Removable cover

  • Available in different sizes and colors


  • Water-resistant
  • Tumble dry
  • Washable
  • Safe
  • Easy to clean


  • May have issues with its zipper
  • Bolsters may not be very supportive

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5. Amazon Basics Budget-Friendly Round Pet Bed

Amazon Basics’ Budget-Friendly Round Pet Bed has low bolsters that offer extra support whenever and wherever your dog needs it. The sides and bottom parts of the bed are made from durable polyester.


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You can machine wash this item to remove dirt, accident stains, or dog hair.

This round dog bed provides a cozy and safe place for your furry friend to snooze. The raised edge of the bed offers additional structure and a sleeping surface like that of a pillow. 

Use a machine for easy cleaning.

The product’s mesh fabric design increases air circulation and regulates efficient temperature. It is long-lasting and low maintenance.

Other than French Bulldogs, it is also recommended for cats and dogs in small breeds. Although it’s cheap compared to the other best dog beds, investing in this low-price good dog bed is worthwhile as it can withstand wear and tear.

Specific Features:

  • Round dog bed

  • Made from breathable fabric

  • Durable materials

  • Off-the-ground design

  • Anti-slip bottom


  • Budget-friendly
  • Dirt-resistant
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Keeps dog cool
  • Durable
  • Machine washable


  • Poor durability in its seam

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You may check our archive for other dog products to cater to your pup’s needs.

So, which bed do you think is the best buy?

Factors When Buying the Best Dog Beds

Don’t rush on purchasing a bed, which you may regret thereafter. Consider these things instead:



Generally, dog beds for French Bulldogs made with synthetic materials are more comfortable and durable than those made from natural materials, such as cotton or wool, which may harbor bacteria.

Beds made of foam are fairly durable and long-lasting. But they can be too firm for some dogs, especially small dog breeds.

So, if your dog has sensitive skin or is prone to allergies, it may be better to look for an option made of natural fibers such as cotton or wool.


The best dog beds are designed with a soft mattress that helps them keep their shape after being used by your pup.

Look for a mattress that’s soft enough so that he doesn’t sink into it but firm enough so that it retains its shape after use (otherwise it may collapse under pressure).

If you have large dogs, make sure that their size is proportional to the size of their new bed so that they won’t feel too cramped in there when they sleep on it at night!

Neck and head support

Choose beds for French Bulldogs with adjustable neck supports and headrests so you can customize the height and angle of the bed to meet your dog’s needs.

This will help prevent neck injuries or soreness due to poor positioning on the bed during rest periods.

If your dog needs support while sleeping then make sure that its neck and head support is sturdy enough so that it doesn’t collapse during the nighttime hours and physical activity at times like playing with other pets or family members!


The size of your dog’s bed should also be taken into consideration. Most dogs prefer small-sized beds which can be easily folded and stored away when not in use.

However, large-sized beds can serve as extra seating space for dogs who enjoy lounging around in their favorite spot while eating treats or playing with toys!


The best dog beds can be elevated, which allows your pet to feel more comfortable as they lie down. Elevation may also help prevent your pet from rolling around in their sleep and getting injured.

Bed location

The location of your pet’s bed will determine how much time he spends in it. If he is always moving around while asleep, consider a mat that won’t move with him.

Sleeping position

You should also consider where your pet will sleep with the location of their bed. If he is an outdoorsy type, consider an elevated mat that can be used as a base for their bed during the warmer months when you want him to stay cool and not overheat.


Irritating materials

The most important thing you can do when shopping for a dog bed is to choose only materials that are non-irritating and safe for your dog’s skin.

Many dog owners make the mistake of buying cheap beds for French Bulldogs, but these types of beds may cause their dogs to develop hair loss or skin irritation.

Hard surfaces

Refrain from purchasing beds for French Bulldogs with hard surfaces. These surfaces can be uncomfortable for some pets and can cause sores on their paws if they wear down too quickly by rubbing against them all day long (or if they’re just too rough).

Cold surfaces

Cold surfaces can also be uncomfortable for some pets because this might make them nervous about getting hot spots from lying on top of it for too long at once (or if it’s too cold).

Train your French bulldog to sleep!

Training French Bulldogs to Sleep in Bed

French Bulldogs are a unique breed, and training them to sleep in bed is no easy feat. This will help them feel comfortable and secure when you are away from home.

Here are some tips for training your French Bulldog:

  • Have the right bedding. Make sure the bed is comfortable for your dog and that it doesn’t have any squeaky parts or sharp edges that could hurt him if he tries to get up or move around during the night.

  • Establish some rules about when the dog can go into your bedroom. You may want to start by setting up a no-go zone around the area where you lay down at night. This will help prevent any accidents while he is learning what’s expected.

  • Get him used to sleeping in a crate. Then move on to a bed that he can climb into and out of himself, such as a dog bed or crate. You can also try using a baby gate that stops him from getting out of his bed.

  • Keep your pup on a leash when you’re out, so you know where he is at all times. This will also help keep him from getting into trouble while you’re not looking!

  • Reward your pup for good behavior. If he stays in his crate all day long, give him treats when you come home from work or during playtime before bedtime, for example! Get more tips on how to sleep train your dog here.

Dog Bed Maintenance

Best dog beds are an essential item for every dog owner. They provide your pet with comfort and support, keeping them warm and dry when they lie down at night.

But of course, like any other piece of furniture or equipment for your pet, you need to keep it in good condition.

The following tips will help you to maintain your dog’s bed properly:

  • Dust the bed with a soft brush and vacuum regularly. This will encourage the shedding of a hair and keep it free from dirt and dust which could irritate the animal’s skin.

  • Wash it! There’s no reason not to wash your dog’s bed before giving it a good scrub down with soap and water. Not only will it help keep the bed from stinking up the house, but it will also make sure that any germs or bacteria lurking in there won’t spread into other parts of your home. Learn more about the steps in cleaning a dog bed here.

  • Rinse off any excess water from the bed using a mild detergent before drying it out completely. Use a towel rather than fabric softener sheets as these can damage the material over time if left in direct sunlight for too long.

  • If necessary, wash the cushion covers separately in cold water with soap before washing them together with towels or blankets in warm water.

  • Use a dryer on low heat and dry the interior of the dog bed thoroughly before use to prevent mold from growing on the material.

  • You should change out your dog’s old blanket at least once every six months so that they don’t grow tired of having something around their neck all night long.

  • If you have a dog who loves to chew on his bed, be sure to remove any old blankets or other items from the bed before giving him his new toy!

Always know the sleep behavior of your dog to make the training effective.

FAQs on Dog Beds for French Bulldogs

Know more about the best dog beds with the following frequently asked questions:

What dog beds are best for French Bulldogs?

The best dog beds for Frenchies depend on the needs of the specific pooch. We have beds featured and reviewed above that are great options for the best dog beds.

Just get the one right for your canine!

Where do French Bulldogs prefer to sleep?

Typically, Frenchies love to sleep on a comfortable and fluffy bed. Some features they may want for their bed are soft and cuddly.

Should French Bulldogs sleep in a bed?

These French bulldogs want to sleep on the bed. However, they would prefer to sleep on their bed alone.

Can French Bulldogs sleep in a crate?

Frenchies can sleep in a den or crate, but training would be a necessity. This will be great for your dog’s protection.

What makes a French Bulldog bed suitable for your pet?

A French Bulldog bed would be best for your pooch if it meets all the requirements to make him comfortable and has quality sleep.


Getting the best bed for your Frenchie may not be that easy but it is possible. The information above will guide you in choosing the right one.

Our Top Pick

Blueberry Pet’s Fully Removable and Washable Heavy Duty Dog Bed is our choice among the best dog beds for French Bulldogs. This item is durable with the quality materials it is made from.

It provides your furry friend with comfortable and quality sleep. Also, its price is reasonable for its significant features for your pup.

With the best Beds for French Bulldogs, we discussed here, we hope to help you in your search!

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