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Hug Your Sweetheart Day 2017: 7 Best Bulldog Hugs

Featured image by @jax_of_anarchy_englishbulldog
You try to buy the best products, the best care, and food for your Bulldog. But, today we want to celebrate what they want the most: love. Hug your sweetheart day 2017, is here to remind you that all we need is Bulldog hugs. Sometimes, we come home tired and forget to hug our babies. Although, a big bulldog squeeze is all we need for feeling better. Therefore, we remind you that you need it as much as they do!

1. He thinks he’s the big one because he’s human, but I’m the only big one in the family.


2. Oh, mom! I love you so much, but can you please buy me food after the picture?


3. My little brother loves to hug me and fall asleep because he thinks I’m like a big pillow.


4. My little sister is too short, and therefore, she can’t hug me properly. But, I still love her.


5. My dad thinks I’m not only he’s pillow but his couch, and yet, I love to hug him so much.


6. It’s a hug/dance thing between mom and me because we want to have fun all the time.


7. Two bulldog hugs are always better than one and Dad knows. 


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