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Face Constest 2017: 7 Best Bulldog Selfies You Will Love

Featured image by @love_bull_family
Bulldog selfies? Yes! Everything is possible in Bulldogology town. In fact, it only took a few minutes for receiving the first Bulldogs Selfies after we made our call. In honor of the National Selfie Day, our bullies tried their best skills. We saw a lot of beautiful faces, funny pictures and parents joining the Bulldog selfies. Keep scrolling down and learn how the professional Bulldogs take the best angle of their cute faces. And please, send us your bully’s pic too!

1.  Mom, you can try it all you want, but you’ll never be as cute as I am.


2. She’s trying to make my duck face because she knows we look adorable.


3. Bulldog selfies are never enough when you’re the most beautiful thing on earth.


4. I’ll tell you one secret, but you have to smile better than me in this bulldog selfie.


5. I thought it was #TongueOutTuesday, but it was just a simple Bulldog selfie.


6. I know, I’m the worse taking bulldog selfies, but you can’t deny how hilarious it is.


7. Morning Bulldog selfies are the best because I prove that I’m gorgeous when I wake up.


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