The 12 Best Calming Treats for Dogs: Reviews and Guide 2024


Having trouble tracking down the perfect soothing treat for your dog? It honestly doesn’t have to be so hard.

As human beings, stress among dogs is unavoidable at some point in time.

Anxiety is even more typical in dogs than you may think and keeping them at bay can be daunting at times. 

That is why many pet owners tend to purchase the best calming treats/soft chew for dogs on a regular basis.

Our top pick is FurroLandia Hemp Calming Soft Chews


This study from Frontier in Veterinary Science found that dogs fed CBD-containing treats showed reduced anxiety and fear responses compared to the control group, suggesting a potential benefit of CBD in reducing fear and anxiety in dogs.

Dogs can be energetic, excited, and hyperactive making it too difficult for you to control. An illness, stress, or any other things can be the root cause of this unwanted behavior.

Let’s define calming treats first.

What are Calming Treats?

Calming treats are specifically manufactured to deal with this problem often encountered by pet owners.

However, it’s important of consulting with a veterinarian before using any calming products for dogs, as they can have potential side effects or interact with other medications.

Learn more about how these products work and how to use them effectively to reduce anxiety and stress in dogs from PetMD website.

Usually, these treats are given to them twice or thrice a day. They contain healthy and organic ingredients which may include vitamins, chamomile, roots, hemp oil, etc. Consider including them in the diet of your pet.

Have a glimpse of the top-notch calming treats.

12 Best Calm Treats for Dogs

Among the highly-rated in the market today are the following:

Best Calming Treats For Dogs See for best selection and value. #commissionsearned

Before you go to market know more about the treats that calm dogs first.

Dog Calming Treats Buyers Guide

It is often the job of pet owners to monitor and control their dogs’ diet since they cannot feed themselves. 

Know some pointers before purchasing the right calming treat for your dog. Yes, this can be an overwhelming responsibility especially for those who are still new to dog care.

Another consideration is the availability of a variety of calming treats in the market. 

This only indicates the significance of the factors you need to consider when buying the best dog calming aid for dogs.


It is one of the most crucial parts of a certain product. The design is the physical factor that first catches the attention of the customers. 

Make certain to properly present the packaging of the calming treat or chew. Check if it provides the whole list of its ingredients included within the treats. 

Notable brands usually include the entire recipe of the chew or treat on the back while showing the main ingredients in front.

Filler Products

Read carefully the packaging of the product to be sure that you will not be paying for a second-hand with filler ingredients. These fillers may include wheat, sugar, and soya.

Many brands ensure to state on their packaging to be certain that what they bought does not contain filler by-products. 

You can be sure then that your pet gets the nutritious herbs and vitamins they need.


Some calming treats have certain flavors while some don’t have. This still depends on the brand though. 

Another reason could be the desire to keep the anxiety medication of the dog as nutritious as possible without layering the additional flavors.

There are also manufacturers that intentionally make treats flavored to trick the pets and make them eat without any fuss. Substituting a strong herbal test or smell with duck or bacon flavor often makes them wary.


Some treats are developed to keep your pets healthy while some are beneficial in dealing with their anxiety and stress problems. 

In fact, there are brands that prevent the use of a heat process in their chew manufacturing.

This aims to ensure that all the vitamins and nutritional value from the used herbs are contained and undisturbed until they are dissolved in your pet’s digestive system. Giving dogs the most treats keeps them from stress.


Most calming dog treats have similar ingredients. They commonly contain herbs such as chamomile flower, passionflower, l-tryptophan, valerian root, and ginger root.


The usual dosage recommendation for the treat or chew is listed at the back of the package as they differ on the pet’s size. Bigger dogs naturally get more dosage than the smaller ones.

Generally, the recommended daily use dosing is 2 chews for the dogs weighing as much as 25 pounds, 3 chews for those weighing 75 pounds, and 4 chews for those weighing over 75 pounds.

Do these factors contribute to the effectiveness of dog treats?

Soft Chew Effectiveness

Calming treats or chews can be effective for dogs under stress or anxiety as noted by most customers. However, there are also dogs that do not have any reaction to them. These can be dependent on the dog or its breed.

Another factor can be that there are treats that may not be workable to pets. This is the very reason for the relevance of investing and exploring in few brands before you make a firm decision noting that calming treats or chews are intended for your pet.

The treats should be safe.

Dog Calm Chew Safety

Calming treats and chews are overseen and investigated through third-party tests, safety checks, and inspections. This will make sure that dogs receive the best and high-quality products for healthy growth.

It is important to begin by providing your pup with treats in small doses and increase the amount in time. 

Never neglect this as some dogs may have an allergy to their organic ingredients such as ginger or chamomile.

It would be safe to consider increasing the dosage when your pet does not show any allergic reaction. You may even notice quicker results from this. 

The majority of the pet owners may notice some improvements in the behavior of their dogs from two-three weeks after giving the treats. So, remain patient for the best result.

The treats can be very effective because of their components.

Dog Treat Ingredients

Basically, calming treats and chews for dogs contain various ingredients. Their primary components include valerian root, passionflower, ginger root, and chamomile. There are certain treats with a duck or bacon flavor as they are appealing to dogs encouraging them to consume the product.

Now, let’s assess the best dog calm treats in the market.

Best Calming Treats for Dogs Review



1. FurroLandia Hemp Calming Soft Chews (170)

Calm your dog with FurroLandia Hemp Calming Soft Chews for different breeds and sizes.

The product comes in 170 large calming treats for dogs in bacon flavor. FurroLandia-Hemp-Calming-Treats-for-Dogs

Each chew has active ingredients like hemp oil, passionflower, magnesium, valerian, L-tryptophan, hemp seed meal, and chamomile.

There are also 74 organic minerals in their organic sense. The chew keeps your pet in 5-8 hours.

The chews are just perfect for any size of dogs as they are available in different dosages.

You can give your small pal for 170 days of this treat from one bottle.

If your friend is extremely huge, give him the chews in 30 days. With this calming chew, you may be able to enjoy fireworks with your best friend.


  • Can be given to all breeds of dogs
  • Taken daily
  • Ideal for pets with difficulty in ingesting tablets
  • Not addictive


  • Does not have a flavor which may not be favorable for dogs to swallow

2. Zesty Paws Stress & Anxiety Calming Bites (With Suntheanine)

Stress & Anxiety Calming Bites’ ideal treat recipe is the result of the commitment of Zesty Paws to set aside its pride. The most recent breakthroughs are incorporated into these treats to stay competitive in the market.

Zesty Paws calming bites are specifically made to help dog owners establish happy and lasting memories with their buddies.

These chews can manage restless pets within days. Zesty-Paws-Allergy-Immune-Supplement-for-Dogs

The soft calming chews for dogs are available in a compact cylindrical packaging with 90 chews.

The container regularly lasts for 1-2 months. Finishing the chew may vary depending on the size of your dog.

These chews come in turkey flavor so your pets can enjoy them. They contain suntheanine, an ingredient that can be best as a stress reliever.

Excessive barking is the main problem that can be relieved when ingesting these chews. Their organic ingredients can relieve dog anxieties in non-hyperactive ways.

Stressful situations such as dog parks, car rides, firework noises, or crowded places can be dealt with properly when using these chews.


  • Stress & Anxiety Calming Bites keep the agitated or aggressive behavior of your dog at bay
  • The chews contain pure suntheanine
  • They help lessen stress
  • Their all-natural formula can be great for anxiety


  • It would be quick to consume all the chews when you follow the bite-sized chew dosage every day

3. Pawlife Calm Pup Dog Anxiety Support

Pawlife aims to make your life with your lovely pet as enjoyable as possible, which only means you need to be very careful in what you include in their diet.

The diet includes the dogs’ supplements other than their regular food. pawlife-Immune-Pup

This indicates how Pawlife cares about the equal treatment of dogs to humans.

The healthy and active lifestyle of humans should also be applicable to dogs.

And this is noted by Pawlife with its Calm Pup Dog Anxiety Support.

This calming dog food is packed with 120 treats, which can last for one month and a half when you use it on a regular basis.

It comes with a duck flavor to lessen the anxiety problems of dogs in a stress free-way. As all-natural organic ingredients should be masked with the duck flavor so the dog should not be fussy on the taste.

Its components include organic chamomile and organic hemp, organic ginger root, I-tryptophan, valerian root, and passionflower.

All these ingredients help mitigate all symptoms of anxiety, agitation, and aggressive behavior attributable to strangers, nervous encounters, and loud noise. It does not have additional fillers and treats from the USA.


  • The dog chew does not have any filler by-products
  • This treat lessens frustration or agitation
  • It has high-quality ingredients
  • Also, it gives a hundred percent money-back guarantee


  • The treat may not be appealing to its duck flavor

4. PetiPet Calming Bars Dog Treat

Fresh, natural, and organic are the factors that keep PetiPet’s dog treat distinct.

The fact is that its ingredients include wheat, by-products, or soya. PETIPET-Calming-Bars-for-Dogs

It gives your dog a full nutritious calming bar value for them to become free from anxiety and well-prepared to enjoy life.

Making pets less stressed and providing them with the required nutrients to keep them healthy are the aims of this dog treat.

There is an assurance for your dog to get the best with its limited ingredient policy.

The combined vegetables, fruits, and herbs make this chew distinctive from the other dog treats.

The chew is available in a small-size and easy-to-use plastic bag, which can be placed on a purse or backpack when you’re on the road or anywhere you’re traveling.

It can actually fit anywhere you like with its content of 180 human-grade treat bars. This can be consumed in two months or more when the recommended dosage is applied.

Such an anxiety-relieving treat can make your dog less aggressive, less irritable, and more sociable. A lot of pet owners keep dogs calm and do not make them look or feel drugged or make them sluggish.


  • The treat does not include y-products
  • It helps prevent aggression and anxiety
  • This can also be considered as a bedtime snack
  • It does not include by-products


  • The treat enables the owners to eat

5. Ready Pet Go! Dog Calming Treats

Give your dog a natural treat with Ready Pet Go! Calming chew is a formula that contains ingredients that are effective in treating dog anxiety.

Among these ingredients are L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, and herb blend. Ready-Pet-Go-Natural-Calming-Treats-for-Dogs

Its Chamomile and Thiamine content supports the behavior and relieves the anxiety of dogs.

The regular day-to-day dosage of the chew lessens the aggressiveness and hyperactivity of your furry pal.

Let your pet have this chew every day if he is suffering from separation anxiety.

The formula helps boost his health and keep him away from stress. It lowers his stress levels with its calming herbs which act as natural anti-anxiety for dogs.


  • Slows down stress
  • Relieves aggression and fear
  • Calms dog
  • Safe to use
  • Quality control


  • Maybe too strong for puppies

6. Premium Care Dog Calming Treat

Premium Care Dog Calming Treat is a natural formula that can calm your best friend from stress and/or anxiety.

The formula contains valerian roots and organic kelp. PREMIUM-CARE-Calming-Treats-for-Dogs-

Most dogs love its duck flavor which is right for very active and aggressive dogs.

It calms the stress and nervousness of your pet caused by weather-related noises or separation.

This formula even comes with organic chamomile to manage and relax your four-legged friend’s aggressiveness.

It has L-tryptophan, organic ginger root, and organic passionflower to lower the symptoms of fear and worry.

These contents also lower hyperactive behaviors such as chewing, paw licking, and scratching.


  • Duck flavor with a favorable taste for dogs
  • Helps calm and relax dogs with stress and anxiety
  • Right for pets with hyperactivity and aggressiveness


7. KarmaPets Stress & Anxiety Calming Treats

KarmaPets Stress & Anxiety Calming Treats has been regarded as one of the most successful snacks to calm dogs.

These treats are very cost-effective, friendly, and simply packed, and can be effective for dog owners. KarmaPets-Calming-Treats-for-Dogs-Anxiety-Relief-

They can balance the brain chemistry of the pets giving them the opportunity to see them less stressed and anxious while performing daily activities.

They calm the dogs while enjoying their day-to-day life with a more relaxed and cheerful state of mind.

These treats are packed in an 8oz. jar with nearly 105 treats that is an ideal monthly amount for any pet.

They are 100% organic and vegan containing natural supplements organic hemp oil, chamomile extract, and passionflower. These supplements come from GMO-free environments.

They prevent your pets from whining, biting, scratching, or barking when they are stressed. They help them calm down during walks, social events, or travels while keeping their anxiety at bay.


  • Stress & Anxiety Calming Treats are made from natural and healthy ingredients
  • They help balance dogs’ brain chemistry
  • Safe calming with no drowsiness is one of their promises
  • They are available with a money-back guarantee (100%)


  • Not for all dogs, some dogs don’t like the taste

8. Artulano Soft Dog Calming Treats

Help your dog relieve his anxiety and stress with Artulano Soft Dog Calming Treats.

These dog anxiety treats to keep him composed even in stressful situations like long road trips, being left alone, and vet. Hemp-Calming-Treats-for-Dogs-Made-in-USA-180-Soft-Dog

It off lasting and quick relief from painful, aching, and sore joints.

It guarantees a gentle sedative effect and does not have artificial chemicals that may cause any unwanted outcomes.

The calming treats for dogs taste duck, which can be a great option for your picky eater friend.

This only means that you need not force him to take and swallow the pills anymore. Also, it can be great for dogs of all breeds and sizes.


  • All-natural
  • Taste like duck
  • No side effects
  • Calms dogs naturally
  • Keeps dogs calm and relax


  • May not be good for dogs not into duck taste

9. GOODGROWLIES Dog Hemp Calming Chews

Bid goodbye to the anxiety and fear of your canine with the help of GOODGROWLIES Dog Hemp Calming Chews.

The calming treats for dogs are formulated to relieve any form of stress. GOODGROWLIES-Calming-Hemp-Treats-for-Dogs

It comes in soft chews containing chamomile and valerian extracts as well as hemp oil.

The chews work effectively to moderate your friend’s aggressive behavior and anxiousness due to unfamiliar surroundings or separation.

Other than large breeds, the calming dog chews are also available for smaller pups and lighter ones.

They are safe to use and effective to keep pets relaxed and composed.

Their taste is also likable to most dogs as they do not have corn, dairy, sugar, or soy-based products.


  • Relieves fear and anxiety
  • Treats all breeds and sizes of dogs
  • Taste good
  • Calms hyperactive behavior


  • Dogs may not like its taste

10. NaturVet Quiet Moments Plus Melatonin Calming Aid

Help your pooch rest and calm down with NaturVet Quiet Moments Plus Melatonin Calming Aid. NaturVet-–-Hemp-Quiet-Moments-Calming-Aid-for-Dogs

This anxiety formula has L-tryptophan, thiamine, and ginger which lessens his tension and stress.

Its melatonin content is responsible for keeping him calm and relax especially at night.

While this supplement gives your buddy a good mood, you will have a quiet and peaceful night.

It has a gentle effect on him even when taken every day. Also, it is great for fireworks, travel, grooming, separation, and storms.


  • Promotes relaxation
  • Sealable cup for freshness
  • Calms pet
  • Lessens motion sickness


  • May not be the best puppy calming treats
  • Lacks flavor

11. happyGree Dog Calming Treats

You can do the best to relieve your dog’s stress and anxiety with happyGree Dog Calming Treats. happyGree-Best-Calming-Treats-for-Dogs

The calming treat has natural ingredients like L-theanine, chamomile, passionflower, and valerian to help calm dogs.

The bottle has 170 soft chews. It helps soothe and lessen signs of anxiety such as lip licking, panting, whimpering, pacing, and eating.

Every chew supports the stress of your pal no matter its level.

It offers great help with his aggression in terms of growling, dominance, destructive chewing, biting, and barking. It is even great to reduce his hyperactivity.


  • Supports stress levels
  • Mitigates hyperactivity
  • Helps with aggression
  • Soothes tension and fear
  • Safe to use


  • May not be suitable for puppies

12. Veterinary Naturals Immune & Allergy Dog Calming Treats – Optimum Digestion 

Best Calming Treat For Gut Health

If you are nervy about your doggo going through severe food and environmental allergies, there is no better product than Veterinary Naturals Immune & Allergy Chews Dog Calming Treats.

Veterinary Naturals

The quality ingredients ensure the optimal health of your doggo. 

One of the main ingredients is hemp oil which is not only great for calming allergies and building up the immune system but also for calming anxious nerves. 

And yes, how could we forget? Hemp oil is great for the joint and bone health of your dog. 

So this comes off as a bonus when you start giving these tiny chews to your doggo regularly. 

Veterinary Naturals Immune & Allergy Chews Dog Calming Treats are also a great solution for preventing digestive issues like heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, or gas in dogs. 

The formula is rich in probiotics and great for immunity-building. You will also notice a remarkable difference in your dog’s skin and fur coat health as these chews are rich in fatty acids.

But what makes these little bites more appealing is the delicious French chicken pate flavor which most dogs go gaga over. 

However, we do have to agree that the smell may come off as “too strong” for some dogs to make them run away from these chews. 

Overall this is a great product for dogs with allergies at the most affordable price with quality ingredients. 

Special Features

  • Colostrum, hemp oil, and apple cider vinegar
  • French-style chicken pate flavor
  • Wheat-free formula
  • No artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Contains 60 chews
  • The recommended dosage is provided on the packaging


  • Offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction
  • Contains hemp oil
  • Wheat, soy, and corn-free formula
  • Anti-inflammatory


  • Strong smell may repel some

The above-mentioned dog treats are really amazing, aren’t they?

Final Thoughts:

Yes, dealing with the anxiety suffered by dogs can be difficult at times.

Also, it can be exhausting to have a household with an agitated or anxious pet.  Calming treats or solutions are manufactured to address this issue.

The anxiety chews for dogs help the pets better control their behavior and give the owner peace of mind.

They are a great solution to manage their separation anxiety, stressful situations, and motion sickness.

It’s our aim to help you find the right one among the best calming treats/soft chew for dogs.

Take a look at the specifications and the advantages and disadvantages of these dog treat before buying one.

If you have any questions about any recommendation related to this post, just let us know.

Considering all the calming treats for dogs in this list, we picked FurroLandia Hemp Calming Soft Chews as the top.

This is the best calming supplement for dogs because it has everything necessary to calm and relieve the stress of dogs no matter their breed and size.

It is even favorable to you as a dog parent.

With the information presented, there’s no reason you cannot select the best calming treat for your dog. If you want more healthy supplements for your dog see our review guidelines for the best joint supplement for dogs. If you need dog training tips and more guides for a healthy trained dog visit our huge 127 dog training guide here.

Featured image source: Chris Benson on Unsplash

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