The Best Dog Car Seat Covers That Are Both Safe And Durable

best dog car seat covers

Before exploring the significant influence that top-quality dog car seat covers can have on the travel experience for both you and your dog, let’s first address a simpler question:

Forget the “best dog car seat covers”…are even regular seat covers any good?

Many new owners will almost certainly ask that first.

And the equally simple answer is – YES.

Even the crudest, most basic of car seat covers will make road-trips with your pup a significantly smoother experience.

But that’s just the long and short of it.

A good dog car seat cover, on the other hand, isn’t just a blessing for your beloved vehicle’s lovely interiors against the worst of your puppy’s “accidents”.


It’s really good for your puppy too, making those long rides more pleasant.

Think about it.

The aftermath of a road-trip with your dog isn’t always just an annoying layering of doggy hair in your backseat.

If the ride lasts stretches beyond your puppy’s fragile little comfort zone, it can quickly turn into a nightmare, with you scrubbing away feverishly to salvage your car’s leathers.

That’s hardly a joyride, is it?

The last thing you need when you’re looking to go on a nice, fun adventure on the road with your dog is having to make frequent pit-stops to mop up the interiors.

If she’s the sort who gets anxious, cranky or otherwise stressed on the road – you can count on your seats getting a bit of scratching or chewing.

And if your puppy happens to be sick or hurt, you naturally don’t pause to worry about anything other than getting her to the vet pronto.

So if you think about it, it’s not just about your precious interiors, it’s also about upholding the joy in a joyride with your pup.

But Do I Really Need Dog Car Seat Covers?

No, you don’t HAVE to go out and buy the most expensive, premium dog hammocks out there.

Like we said earlier, just throwing a few rags on there is better than nothing after all.

Plus, there’s the option of using specially made dog car seats too.

In fact, it’s probably a good idea to use those if you have a large, excitable dog who can’t sit still on rides.

And better still to use one in tag-team action if your dog also has the tendency to lose control of her bladder unpredictably.

For smaller, and more placid dogs though, a booster seat can be unnecessary – and considerably more expensive.

For them, a good quality dog car seat cover is usually more than enough.

But now, moving on to a more pertinent question:

What does one mean by the best seat covers?

Seeing as there are so many brands, and indeed kinds, in the market, it can’t be that easy to answer, can it?


There are only so many things you truly need from a good car seat cover for dogs.

And while it may ultimately boil down to what kind of features both you and your pooch like, these basic things are crucial to have.

When Looking for the Best Dog Seat Covers

Picking the right cover for dogs isn’t all that hard once you know what you really need from them.

And it’s not all that complex:

1. Getting the Right Size and Fit

This is, of course, one of the most important things you need to get right.

You don’t want to look back to find that your puppy managed to hit the few inches of the seat that the backseat dog cover couldn’t, well, cover.

So make sure you go to work with a measuring tape ahead of your buy.

Have the measurements for your car, SUV or truck down to the last inch, and match it to the covers.

2. Making Sure the Dog Seat Covers Durable or Heavy-Duty Enough

The best seat covers are obviously built for the task.

It goes without saying, doesn’t it?

Your seat cover of choice must be able to take anything your puppy is capable of dishing out.

And that includes scratching, biting, chewing, and even prancing about…apart from the more obvious puppy messes.

A cheaper choice of dog car seat cover may do the trick for a while, sure.

But it might just as soon split, tear or leak without warning and ruin your precious leather.

3. Check to See Whether or Not it’s Waterproof

This is another pretty obvious tick you must get.

And it’s not even a question of whether your little pooch is adequately potty trained.

Bigger dogs tend to slobber a fair bit.

And if you’ve been out camping in the great outdoors, your puppy may well have been frolicking in a stream or pond for all you know.

So give that new seat cover a good wetness test, unless of course, you’re okay with muddy seats.

Didn’t think so…

4. How Easy is it to Clean Dog Drool, Mud, Dirt, and Hair?

Waterproofing leads into the fourth crucial checkbox you must try and tick when deciding on your choice of seat covers.


Because you know that at one point or the other, you’re going to have to give them a thorough cleaning.

Count on it. Unless you plan on buying a new set of dog covers after every trip.

Even the best rear seat covers for dogs need a good cleaning.

So take care that your dog hammock of choice is made of the right material, and ideally, easily washable.

5. Ease of Installation and Whether it Can Stay in Place

It’s easy to ignore two very basic things amidst all the aforementioned worry over tears and leaks.

Firstly, whether the seat covers are easy to install and fix over your vehicle’s seats.

And secondly, if they’re designed to stay in place through all your puppy’s rambunctious play through the trip.

Simple enough, yes?

And yet often neglected…

The best dog seat covers can be easily strapped, belted or otherwise affixed without hassle – and stay that way.

If at the end of your trip you find them wedged into the joints or balled up on the floor, safe to assume they’re NOT one of the best.

6. Look, Comfort, and Convenience

Once you’ve made sure your seat covers are functionally sound all-around, it’s perfectly fine to give due consideration to aesthetics.

And why not?

If the carpets match the seats, they might as well match the covers.

And a cleverly designed cover may even have the color to mask a stubborn, old stain if your puppy manages to create one.

Apart from that, however, comfort is also quite important.

You don’t want your puppy to suffer through a slippery or scratchy ride.

But a number of the best seat covers also have features that make things more convenient.

Simple things…

Like well-placed openings to allow seatbelts and baby-seats, special material to secure the covers more firmly to the seats, etc. can be really handy.

Bulldogology dog car seat coverBulldogology Dog Car Seat Covers Can Help

With so many things to weigh before deciding to come to a choice, it can be a tedious quest to find the best dog seat cover for your puppy.

But here’s the thing…

You might not have to look very far at all.

We at Bulldogology Pet Solutions may have the very thing for you and your pup.

Whether you’re looking for seat covers for the front seat, your truck, car, or SUV – our covers will fit nice and snug to keep your precious seats safe and dry even with your energetic little pup dancing around through your rides.

Our car seat covers are specially designed to stand up to the roughest of plays by the friskiest of dogs.

Firstly they come in two convenient sizes that fit pretty much any standard seats – the 56″x58″ Large Size, and the X-Large 60″x64″ if you need them.

They even have extended side flaps to protect the sides of your vehicle’s backseats.

Their adjustable straps allow you to fit them snug over your vehicle’s backseat cover, whether it’s a car, truck or an SUV.

And being fully waterproof they can withstand all manner of bad weather, leave aside your puppy’s frequent bathroom breaks.

And that’s not all…

Bulldogology Premium Covers for the front seat and rear seat also have foam anchors and silicon backing to firmly secure them to your seats.

The Velcro openings make for easy fastening of seatbelts or strapping any other accessories you wish to, like additional seats.

Bulldogology Seat Covers was designed with the highest components.

And to ensure durability, they’re made of triple-layered double-stitched Oxford, so you needn’t worry about damage.

To put it more crisply, these seat covers:

  • Are completely waterproof
  • Feature non-slip silicon
  • Install in 30 seconds
  • Are machine-washable
  • …And made of soft, durable materials, to boot

If you’re fun, stress-free long-drives with your beloved doggy-pal, you’ll find our covers a safe bet.

Dog Travel Car Seat Covers

Final Word

So now that you know all there is to know about choosing the right car seat cover for dogs, you can take your pup along on those rides without fretting over what’s happening in the backseat.

None of that.

And no more worrying over the hours or the fortune you may have to spend restoring your precious vehicle.

Pretty soon you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without them.

Believe it.

So head on out on those joyrides with your puppy. But without that stress and oodles more fun. If you want more tips like these and dog training tips see our huge collection of how to train a dog here.

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