Best Dog Food Containers Of 2024 Reviewed

best dog food container

We are sure that the last thing you would desire is to discover masses of dog food scattered all over your home, originating from that infamously big bag of dog food.

This welcome could have been a pleasing one if you had owned a dog food container.

From keeping the food’s nutritional value sealed to prevent it from becoming ant’s food heaven for winters, your chosen dog food container should do it all.

Make sure when choosing your containers to keep the importance of proper storage of pet food and treats to prevent bacterial contamination and ensure the safety of pets.

Going forward, we take charge to help you find the best dog food container for your needs.

Our top pick is Pethiy Dog Food And Treats Storage Tin Container for quality and functionality

Pethiy Dog Food and Treats storage tin Containers

To all dog parents reading this, here is to the finest comparative review of the best dog food containers that will keep the doggie snacks fresh and in a more manageable place – Cheers!

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11 Best Dog Food Containers

Here are the 11 best dog food containers that we have shortlisted for you to pick from.

Top Dog Food Containers Of 2022

Baffled by the variety of dog food containers out there? Don’t worry as we have it all under control. While you check out our reviews don’t forget about pet food safety when container your dog food. Read our review of 11 of our best dog food containers and make a pick.

1. Pethiy Dog Food And Treats Storage Tin Container – Top Rated

Overall Best Dog Food Container

Pethiy Dog Food And Treats Storage Tin Container is our top pick and may become yours too if you are the kind of person who does not like to compromise on quality. 

This dog food container is perfectly made for keeping the nutritional values intact in your dog chow with an absolutely non-toxic material.

Pethiy Dog Food and Treats storage tin Containers

Not only does Pethiy Dog Food Container function perfectly but is pleasing for the eye as well. 

Keep it in your kitchen corner and the dark grey color with the wooden top lid will give a perfect rustic farmhouse vibe

This is not all that this dog food container is about. Its easy functionality makes it top our list in addition to being very eye-catching. 

It is extremely easy to clean though we do not promote putting it in a dishwasher. 

The sturdy handles make lifting the container easy and breezy. And the best part; it comes with a scooper which promotes ease of use.

Get this – your doggo can be playful with the container and knock it over but it won’t hurt the formation of the container. 

Neither is the paint going to chip off over the years. It can prove to be a perfect dog food storage that can be life-lasting. 

Specific Features

  • Constructed from herculean carbon steel material

  • Tight wooden lids with silicone rings

  • Matching scooper for ease of use

  • Non-toxic and safe to keep pet food

  • 9x8x7 inches container with a capacity of more than 7 pounds


  • Aesthetically pleasing to keep in the home
  • Silicon rings make the lid airtight, keeping the kibble from getting stale
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy material lasts a lifetime


  • You might have to refill a 15-pound bag twice

Check Pethiy Dog Food And Treats Storage Tin Container  for more info. #commissionsearned

2. Lockcoo Airtight Dog Food Storage Container – Best For Ease Of Use

Best Dog Food Container For Multi-Use 

Lockcoo Airtight Dog Food Storage Container keeps your pet’s food fresh and crispy for the longest time. 

And since it is made from clear, non-toxic food-grade plastic, it pitches in for added safety and quality. 

But the most remarkable part about using these airtight food containers is that it screams convenience. 

Dog Food Storage Container,Lockcoo 2-Pack

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You can use it for any dry food item you wish to store and this container will keep it fresh. The containers are dishwasher safe also. 

The sealing gasket can be easily removed for thorough cleaning and inserted back even more effortlessly.

It comes in a set of two with size variations and sturdy top handles. The four-sided buckles ensure an airtight seal keeping the doggo snacks fresh and away from pest attack. 

Labeling stickers included in the package is another feature that makes it more manageable. 

Lockoo airtight container is portable and can be taken along on camping or other travel activities with your pup.

Specific Features

  • Containers made from ABS (BPA-free) high-quality plastic

  • Two containers (8L and 4L) in one package

  • Labelling stickers for additional ease

  • Silicon seal buckles ensure an airtight pet food storage

  • 2 measuring cups for reduced spillage


  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Come with labels and markers for added ease in use
  • Strong top handle for easy lifting


  • The plastics tabs need to be handled with care
  • The size may be a tad bit smaller than expected

See more here Lockcoo Airtight Dog Food Storage Container #commissionsearned

3. GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container – Maximum Storage Capacity

Best Dog Food Container For Larger Dog Food Supply

GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container offers 50 lbs of storage space making it the container that can fit a large amount of dog’s food. 

The container is made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic which shows excellent resistance to even small damages

Compared to other plastic dog food containers, this one is by far the most durable.

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Food Storage Container

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The GAMMA2 food container is for every dog owner, even if you own a small dog with a smaller appetite. 

With such a big storage offering, you can save bundles on your dog’s food budget by bringing kibble in bulk.

The plastic is BPA free but it is recommended to wash and clean the container regularly to ensure the dry dog food from perishing. 

The seal is perfectly engineered to keep the bad moisture out and away from the food. 

Since this container stores a large amount of dog food, the lid is masterminded with GAMMA lid technology.

We agree that the container might not be that alluring to the eye for placing in the kitchen, but who puts a 50-pound bag of dog food in the kitchen anyways?

Specific Features

  • High-density polyethylene plastic container

  • One cup scooper added

  • Double gasket protection lid

  • Built-in handle niche on the container

  • 14x14x20 inch container (can hold up to 13 gallons)


  • Offers storage for up to 50 pounds
  • GAMMA seal technology ensures moisture control
  • Storage efficient shaped container
  • Offers excellent durability


  • May not be the best-looking dog food container on the block
  • Screw lid takes time to open and close

Check it out GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container #commissionsearned

4. Simplehuman Dog Food Storage Container – Most Innovative

Best Dog Food Container For Unconventional Design

Simplehuman Dog Food Storage Container aims to improve the simple task of storing dog food with a remarkable design. 

The sleek design makes it easy to slide in even in the most compact corners of a kitchen. But that does not mean it holds less food. Expect a whopping 27-pound dog chow to conveniently fit in.

simplehuman 25 Liter, 27lb

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Simplehuman pet food storage container is made from stainless steel outer cover that is smudge-proof to keep it shining all day long. 

A sizable handle is placed at the front end to make sure the container is locked and that too with one brisk move. 

Here’s the interesting part; the container comes with two wheels at the rear end. Yes, your dog food container can glide without you having to put in much effort to move it knowing it is loaded with dog food.

The inner bucket is made from BPA-free plastic. It can be easily removed for washing and cleaning purposes. 

The silicon gasket in the top lid makes the container air right, hence leaving the opportunist pests disappointed, your doggie snack fresh and your kitchen odorless. 

Specific Features

  • Stainless steel, anti blotch body

  • Comes with a 1 ½ cup sized scooper with magnetic mounting

  • Inner container made from BPA-free plastic

  • Rear built-in wheels for smooth mobility


  • Offers a 10-year warranty
  • Ranked as best-seller
  • Stellar design for aesthetics and functionality
  • Locking lid can even prevent stronger dogs from rummaging


  • Customer support lacks vigilance
  • Cost more than the average dog food container

See more information Simplehuman Dog Food Storage Container. #commissionsearned

5. OUTSHINE White Farmhouse Dog Food Storage Container – Best Outlook

Best Dog Food Container for Style and Functionality

OUTSHINE White Farmhouse Dog Food Storage Container is perfect to keep the dog chow fresh and crunchy. And the vintage design is not too shabby itself. 

As a matter of fact, the design can compliment any kitchen decor. Do you know what’s even cuter? You can personalize the canister with your doggo’s name on it.

OUTSHINE White Farmhouse Dog Food Storage Container

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This charming dog food container is made from powder-coated carbon steel that is known for being durable and completely safe to keep food in. 

Outshine dog food storage containers are spacious enough to fit in 15 pounds of your dog food kibble.

If you are not a big advocate of using plastic for health reasons, then you should go for this dog food container. 

Not only will this be a healthy option for your furry friend but it will look beautiful on your kitchen countertop. The lid does not have a silicon gasket but it sits nicely on the container and serves the purpose.

Specific Features

  • Carbon steel with powder-coated container

  • Customizable cling stickers

  • Hefty top handle for lifting

  • 13x7x10 inch container with a 14-pound capacity

  • White vintage appealing design


  • Offer the full refund for non-satisfied customers
  • Self customizable stickers
  • More durable than average containers


  • The lid does not have a silicon gasket for controlling moisture
  • The package doe not include a scooper

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6. IRIS Airtight Dog Food Storage Container – Best Value

Best Dog Food Container At Affordable Price

IRIS Airtight Dog Food Storage Container is your best catch for the most economical dog food container. The container is made of clear plastic that could make your doggo excited when he sees his grub. 

But the good news is the plastic is made to withstand pressure and is completely scratch-proof.

IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container

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This product comes with the option of wheels which aids mobility. But if you are not too fond of wheels, you can take them off at your convenience. 

The snap locking system ensures moisture control so that your dog gets to eat fresh food every time.

The container lids have a variety of appealing colors to choose from. The package contains two containers that are conveniently stackable. 

The bigger one can fit in around 25 pounds of dog food and the smaller one can store up to 10 pounds. So all in all, the Iris dog food container is best for your pocket as it costs less and offers big storage.

Specific Features

  • Comes in a set of two sturdy and scratch-proof plastic containers

  • Wheels added for easy maneuvering (option of removing wheel is available)

  • Scooper with measuring indicators

  • Snap-lock latches for moisture control

  • Offers storage capacity of 33 and 12-quart 


  • Addition of wheels makes mobility easy
  • Scooper comes with measuring marks
  • Available in a variety of pleasing colors
  • The containers are easily stackable
  • Affordable price bracket


  • Exchange or return period is very short
  • No extra sealing rim on the container

Why wait? Check it out now IRIS Airtight Dog Food Storage Container  #commissionsearned

7. Gropecan Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container – Best Functionality

Best Dog Food Container For Scalable Design

Gropecan Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container offers a unique design that is scalable for your needs. The foldable design helps save space and can be stretched according to the need. 

The container is made from high-density polyethylene and BPA-free plastic that is tough, durable, and non-toxic for your dog food.

Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container

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The design is so attractive but that does not mean you have to compromise on the functionality. 

With the presence of a desiccant slot, this dog food container promises that your furry friend will always get to eat fresh and crunchy dog food

There is a silicone gasket around the top lid and sturdy latches that help preserve the nutritional value of the dog chow.

There is a top transparent lid that eases the usage. With that, you don’t even have to open the lid to check the contents of the container. 

The scooper has dual functionality. It can be used as a dog food bowl in addition to scooping food out of the container.

Specific Features

  • 25-liter capacity container made from high-density polyethylene

  • Collapsable designed container

  • Desiccant card slot for added moisture control

  • Transparent top for quick glance 

  • Secure latches and silicon gasket ensure moisture lock

  • Wheels for convenient mobility

  • Comes with a dog food bowl

  • Attractive colors


  • Foldable design helps save space
  • Addition of a desiccant card slot keeps moisture control
  • Good customer support


  • Some dog food may not fit the given capacity
  • No handles available

Find out more here Gropecan Collapsible Dog Food Storage Container #commissionsearned

8. Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Food Storage Container – Most Viable Bigger Storage

Best Dog Food Container For Practicality 

Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Food Storage Container is just the container that you need to store your dog food and depicts good craftsmanship through its design. It is an eco-friendly product with perfect french looks. 

Harry Barker Bon Chien Dog Food Storage Canisters

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It is a big bin and you can expect o store 40 pounds of kibble without any effort. The canister is made up of stainless steel. 

Our advice would be to be careful with it as the material is lightweight and prone to easy dents.

The package doesn’t include a scooper but that shouldn’t be a big deal as we are sure one can improvise with something else as a scooper. 

The best news is that it is perfect for storing your large dog’s food supply and does a wonderful job at keeping it fresh.

Specific Features

  • Chic design canister

  • Offers a storing capacity of 11 liters

  • Specially designed airtight lids to keep all types of contamination away

  • Easy and quick pull-off lid design


  • Tight lid fitting keeps pests out
  • Up to 6 months of warranty
  • Appealing design to keep anywhere in the house


  • This product is not dishwasher safe
    Thin metal material is prone to dents

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9. PetFusion Portable Dog Food Container – Best Wheeler

Best Dog Food Container For Easy Maneuvering

PetFusion Portable Dog Food Container is a big-sized pet food storage container with the addition of wheels for hitch-free mobility. Since it carries heavy weight, picking it up is tiresome and hence the wheels.

PetFusion Portable Pet Food Container

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The design includes a spout for direct poring. This design feature is a replacement for a scooper

Though we are a big fan of scooper as it makes the task of pouring much easier, the spout feature is quite appropriate as well.

Specific Features

  • BPA-free plastic container with a capacity of 20 pounds

  • Adjustable spout design for easy pouring

  • Wheels and big handle for maneuvering

  • Secure latches for air proofing and closing


  • Wheels and top handle help in smooth mobility
  • Comes with an adjustable spout to control the speed of filling
  • 12-months warranty


  • Plastic container should be handled with care
  • Lifting the whole container for pouring food out can be tedious

See for yourself PetFusion Portable Dog Food Container #commissionsearned

10. OXO Good Grips Dog Food Container – Best For Smaller Quantity

Best Dog Food Container For Small Scaled Needs

OXO Good Grips Dog Food Container makes everyday dog food feeding and storing simpler and less time-consuming with their thoughtfully designed storage container. 

Made specifically for storing smaller quantities of doggo treats or kibble, these are stackable and can be placed on the pantry shelves.

OXO Good Grips Pet POP Container

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Made from heavy-duty and BPA-free plastic, you can place your container out of reach of your furry friend on the highest shelf of your pantry. 

Since it holds up to 4 pounds of doggie treats, you don’t need to worry about the food going stale.

The silicone gasket and the top push button ensure the food products remain fresh. And the best part is you can dismantle the lid to clean it thoroughly.

Specific Features

  • Made from BPA-free, fine heavy plastic

  • Push-button on the top lid for creating a vacuum

  • Scooper attached to the inside of the lid

  • Stackable and fits on shelves

  • Functional for limited space


  • Excellent fineness 
  • Perfect fit for smaller corners or shelves
  • Easy functionality


  • Plastic is heavy but breakable

More infoOXO Good Grips Dog Food Container here #commissionsearned

11. TBMax Dog Food Container – Most Portable

Best Dog Food STORAGE Container To Use On The Go

TBMax Dog Food Container is a top-quality product for dog food storage that you might want to include in your traveling kit. 

True handy size and even more handy pouring make it fit for taking along on your camping or beach trips.

Pet Food Container for Dogs , TBMax Cat Food Container

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Even if you don’t plan to take it on a trip, this container size is perfect to fit in the trunk of your car or your pantry shelf. 

The size is small so don’t expect it to hold much. But size doesn’t affect the functionality of these dog food storage containers.

The silicon seal guarantees moisture control. The top handle eases lifting and the spout is quite helpful for easy pouring. All in all TBMax Dog Food Container has our vote of approval.

Specific Features

  • BPA-free plastic container made for clever useability

  • Measuring cup that can serve as a feeding bowl

  • Sturdy latches and top handle

  • Can hold up to 2 liters of dog food


  • Convenient size for carrying along
  • Outstanding pouring spout feature


  • Measuring cup might come off more often than needed

More info TBMax Dog Food Container here #commissionsearned

How To Choose The Best Dog Food Container

Choosing the best food container

Image Source

Now that you have gone through the review of our top 11 dog food containers, we will help you see what factors make one a good choice.

  • Material

The most important factor to keep in check is the material of the container. 

Dog food containers come in a variety of materials. Pick one that you prefer the most. 

Some people have their apprehensions about plastic and some are okay with it. 

The whole gist behind is to make sure the material is non-toxic and sturdy enough to withstand harshness and keeps the food for longer durations.

  • Capacity

Know your furry friend’s intake capacity and compare it with the capacity of the container you aim to buy. If you have a big dog, prefer to get a bigger-sized container. Also, check if the space in your home allows what size of the container to be kept easily.

  • Moisture Control

Your doggo will refuse to eat the food if it is stale. So a container is no good if it cannot keep the dog food fresh and its nutritional values intact. Before buying a container, thoroughly check the moisture control mechanism

Strong latches will keep your pet from breaking into the container. This is also good for keeping all kinds of pesky insects away from raiding your doggo’s chow.

  • Design And Ease Of Use

The functionality of your dog food container makes a huge difference in making your day-to-day task less burdensome. A cleverly engineered design improves experiences and makes it completely safe for your pet as well. 

5 Dog Food Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Food Storage Mistakes

Images Source

Here is a list of 5 dog food storage mistakes to avoid at all costs.

I. Storing Dog Food Outdoor

You can’t store dog food outside. No, not even in the garage. This is a very innocent mistake that most of us tend to make. The most common problems one can face are extreme weather conditions and bug infestation.

II. Not Using The Scooper 

Our sincerest suggestion is never to pour dog food directly from the bag. When you are short on time, you tend to forget that direct tipping from the bag can end up in a bigger mess to clean up.

A marked scooper will give you the exact measurements of your doggo’s intake. You don’t want to overfeed them and neither would you want them to stay hungry.

III. Refilling An Already Filled Storage Container

Be patient and let the contents of the container finish off first. The best practice would be to let the contents of the container finish off completely

Clean the container, wash it, and then refill it. You wouldn’t want food from the fresh bag to go bad because of the residue from the last one.

IV. Not Knowing The Expiry 

Not keeping a track of the expiry date of the dog food is a big no. So we urge you not to take expiry dates lightly. 

You should be well aware of your pup’s food intake. This helps you avoid bulk buying. While bulk buying may be good for saving money but it comes with the risk of food crossing its expiration limit and going bad.

V. Leaving The Dog Food Container Ajar 

Why would anyone leave the dog food bag open? An open food bag is an open invitation for bugs, bacteria, and whatnot. 

If you have a busy schedule, buy a dog food container. It is much easier to flip the container open and shut instead of fiddling around with a bag.


Bulky, hard to move, and even harder to store dog food – there is a point we have been trying to make here. 

Dog food containers are pure convenience when it comes to storing dog food. This statement can stand true if only you get your hands on the best dog food storage container for your needs.

Our top pick is Pethiy Dog Food And Treats Storage Tin Container for quality and functionality

Lockcoo Airtight Dog Food Storage Container comes in second because of the ease of use it provides to its users and our third runner-up is GAMMA2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Container for the biggest storage space

We would love to see you make a choice that will be perfect for your needs. And for all the low down on any dog-related queries, please visit our blog.

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