Top 10 Best Dog Memory Foam Bed of [2024]

best dog memory foam bed

Let’s face it, ever since adopting a pet, your smartphone’s photo album is brimming with endless cute snaps of your dog snoozing.

And why not? They dream, they twitch, they growl, and whatnot while sleeping. There can’t be anything cuter than a soundly sleeping fluffer.

Dogs are extremely active beings with so much energy. So when your dog comes to you saying “I had a ruff day”, as dog parents, understand that they need to sleep it off and be in the comfiest zone.

They need a bed that will not make their joints stiff when they wake up. If you get a good quality memory foam bed for your dog, you won’t have to worry about your dog waking up all grouchy. Especially if it’s a large breed dog or one in its senior years.

Our top favor is: PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed With Orthopedic Memory Foam

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

If you already know how beneficial memory foam beds are and are on the hunt for getting one, this feature is for you.

Here is a review of the 10 best dog memory foam beds based on their quality, price, and comfort they offer.

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10 Best Memory Foam Dog Beds

Take a quick look into who made it to our list of top 10 memory foam dog beds. We will be getting into “why they made it” later.

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Best Dog Memory Foam Bed in Detailed Review

Read below to know which memory foam bed is the best fit for your doggo out of these top-reviewed ones.

1. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed With Orthopedic Memory Foam – Top Pick

The Best Dog Memory Foam Bed Offering Premium Quality And Durability

If you are looking for an orthopedic bed for your dog that will last a lifetime, PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed With Orthopedic Memory Foam is your best bet. 

It is made from premium quality memory foam with ideal density that will not make your doggo’s joints go stiff during sleep.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

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We’ll let you on to a big secret here. This high-quality memory foam bed not only does wonders for the physical health of your doggo but has a soothing effect on your dog’s mental well-being

It comes with solid head and neck support. 

The brilliant design of this dog bed is water and tear-proof. So when accidents happen, bed foam wetting is the last thing on your worry list. 

It has two zipper compartments. One for the bed and one for the bolster mainly because the cover is easily removable for washing purposes. 

The base is slip-free and the memory foam used is free from all kinds of toxins. And that is assured by Certipur-US certification. 

Not only this, but the memory foam bed is compatible with every dog breed. That means PetFusion has a size that would be just perfect for your doggo. 

We are not saying that it is not a hefty investment, it is. But it will be one worth buy that will last a lifetime.

Specific Features

  • Certi-PUR-US certified memory foam

  • Waterproof foam lining

  • Removable and washable cover

  • Anti-slip base

  • Recycled polyfill bolster

  • Allergy-free cotton/polyester fabric 


  • Certi-PUR-US approved

  • Skin contact safe

  • Comes with a three-year warranty

  • Variety of sizes and colors available


  • A little pricey
  • Vigilance needed as the standard size of the bed may vary

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2. Furhaven Sherpa & Suede Sunggery Memory Foam Dog Bed – Best Value

Best Memory Foam Dog Bed With Top Quality At Lowest Price 

Snuggly sleep, hello Furhaven Sherpa & Suede Snuggery Memory Foam Dog Bed. This dog bed has all the best features of a memory foam bed with an addition of an amazing design. 

The outer part of the bed is made with suede that not only looks gorgeous but can be easily cleaned.

Furhaven 26 Round Memory Foam Dog Bed Sherpa

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The sleep surface is faux lambswool. Could you think of anything cozier for your doggo to sleep? Furhaven has it! They added a top soft hood for a cave feel so that your doggo truly feels at home. 

The soft hood is reversible and can be used as a blanket as well to keep your dog warm in extreme cold. 

But let’s not forget that the main feature is the memory foam used in it. The quality and density are perfect to support problematic joints and muscles.  

Easily washable covers, an excellent price tag, and 100% Certipur-US approved; this seems like an ideal buy. Only if your pet has a destructive chewing issue, getting this bed might not be that good an idea.

Specific Features

  • Donut design with an attached blanket

  • Suede and faux lambswool covering

  • Multiple sizes available

  • Memory foam and medical-grade foam base


  • Inviting and soothing design

  • Cost savvy buy

  • 100% Certipur-US certified

  • Easy to clean with a removable cover


  • Sizes available only for small and medium-sized dogs

  • Limited coverage against material defects

See more here Furhaven Sherpa & Suede Snuggery Memory Foam Dog Bed  #commissionsearned

3. Friends Forever Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed – Most Spacious 

Best Dog Memory Foam Bed With Maximum Sleeping Space

Friends Forever Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed is best when it comes to spending longer hours lounging than the regular. 

Dogs with medical joint issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, and more are to find this most suitable. The structuring of this memory foam bed provides support for all pressure points.

Friends Forever Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

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The sleeping surface area is ample for a large breed dog to have a roomy sleep. The space is also great for two smaller breed dogs who like to snuggle together for sleeping. 

The memory foam used is high quality just like the one used in baby mattresses. 

The anti-skid base makes the bed stay put even with the rowdiest dogs around. There is a thin layering of waterproof lining between the covers and the memory foam. 

We would say it does work well as long as you take quick action within minutes of the accident happening. 

If the accident happens overnight, then there is no surety about the dampness not reaching the memory foam.

Specific Features

  • High-grade memory foam

  • Plush polyester-filled bolster

  • Anti-skid base

  • Large sleeping surface area

  • 1-year warranty

  • Removable and machine-washable suede covers


  • Non-skid bottom

  • Human-grade foam density

  • Comes with a one-year warranty

  • Superior quality


  • The “new” smell can be repulsive at first

  • Expensive buy

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4. Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed – Most Convenient

Ideal Dog Memory Foam Bed For Easy Use

Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed will not only prove to be a good buy for your doggo but the convenience it will bring you will make you one happy customer. 

The top cover is made from tightly woven, heat-bonded fibers that will not allow the fur to get stuck on it. 

Casper Dog Bed

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The design is cleverly made while keeping the convenience of the owners in mind. Because after all, maintenance is part of their job. 

The zippers are hidden in pockets. So say bye-bye to scratched floors. Also, your doggo won’t be able to chew on them if they can’t find them.

The best thing you will notice about this dog bed is that it won’t sulk or become lumpy with time. This is mainly due to the fortified construction of the bed. 

The colors available are beautiful and can mesh well with any surroundings. 

The memory foam used is high quality and helps in relieving joint pain by supporting the pressure points. 

The sleeping surface is surrounded by raised bolster from all sides for neck and head support. It also helps your dog feel safe and sheltered.

Specific Features

  • High-grade memory foam

  • Nylon/suede outer cover

  • Removable and machine-wash safe cover

  • Supportive bolster surrounding the bed


  • 1-month full refund warranty

  • Available in three universal sizes

  • Tear-resistant cover

  • Excellent customer service


  • Not leak or waterproof

See more information Casper Memory Foam Dog Bed. #commissionsearned

5. Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Dog Bed – Intensely Water Resistant

Best Dog Memory Foam Bed For Guaranteed Waterproofing Results

If you have a puppy under training or an adult who is more likely to have accidents, Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Dog Bed is the ideal choice for your doggo. 

It has the best waterproofing results out of all our picks. The memory foam isn’t shabby either. And what is even more wondrous is that it won’t get all saggy with the passage of time.

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

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Though the only thing which we feel it lacks is the bolster. Some dogs do get upset by that. But the quality of the memory foam mattress is so good that you can use a throw pillow if your dog is so fond of bolsters.

Brindle memory foam bed comes with a whopping 3-year warranty period. Though we doubt you will be needing that with such good quality. 

If your doggo is going through a nasty chewing and tearing phase, you might have to say adios to the covers or perhaps the complete dog bed.

Since it comes with a thorough encasement of waterproofing and is readily available in most sizes, it can be used in dog crates as well.

Specific Features

  • 2-inch memory foam in addition to another 2-inch high-density supportive foam

  • Zippered velour outer covering

  • Machine wash safe

  • 100% waterproof covering of the entire mattress

  • Non-skid base


  • 100% waterproof

  • Super soft outer covering

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty

  • Vast choice of sizes and color


  • No head support available

  • Not chew resistant

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6.  Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed – Most Durable 

Best Dog Memory Foam Bed For Hard-Wearing

Bully Beds Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed has been made keeping especially the bully breed in mind. That is why you will find the bed chew-resistant. 

This is a big plus because all dogs can get into aggressive chewing at one point or another.

Bully beds Orthopedic Dog Bed

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The bed has a layer of medical-grade orthopedic and memory foam with a perfect density to support the joint issue for this or any other breed. The foam is free from all toxicity as Certipur-US approves it.

The design is attractive with a microfibre cover and accent piping. Not only is it beautiful to look at but the sturdy element is the tops. 

It is water-resistant, anti-slip, chew, and tear-resistant. Don’t be confused with the name. These beds come in all sizes to cater to all breeds and sizes of dogs.

The best part is that this memory foam pet bed comes with a lifetime warranty. Well almost… 20-year warranty is a big one.

Specific Features

  • 7-inch high Orthopedic and high-memory foam

  • Durable and waterproof outer cover

  • Certipur-US approved

  • 20-year warranty

  • Non-skid base


  • Luxury at an affordable price

  • Come with a 20-year-long warranty

  • Certipur-US approved


  • Size vigilance is required when buying

  • The outer cover is susceptible to tears

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7. Big Barker Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed – Most Effective Results 

Best Dog Memory Foam Bed For Clinically Proven Results

Big Barker Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow Top is a big name when it comes to memory foam beds for dogs with hip dysplasia and other old-age joint issues. 

Memory foam is known for its quickly proven results backed up by the case study held by the University of Pennsylvania.  

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Shop on Amazon

The outer cover is soft and made from micro suede. This material is easy to take off and clean; a very important factor that should be kept in mind when buying a dog bed. 

And yes the most important- no toxic gaseous emissions as the foam is certified by Centripur-US.

Specific Features

  • Soft and easy-to-clean outer cover

  • Clinically proven memory foam bed

  • Certipu-US certified

  • Long-lasting quality with a 10-year warranty


  • Best for dogs with hip dysplasia 

  • Toxin-free memory foam

  • Suitable for big dogs only

  • The memory foam mattresses come with a 10-year warranty


  • Missing bolster makes it less likable for some dogs

  • Suitable for big dogs only

Find out more here Big Barker Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow Top #commissionsearned

8. PETMAKER’s 2-Layer Memory Foam Dog Bed – Most Versatile

Best Multi-Purpose Dog Memory Foam Bed

PETMAKER’s 2-Layer Memory Foam Dog Bed is convenient as it can be used in kennels, crates, in cars, or anywhere you wish to keep your dog. 

It is made from soft microfiber suede and sherpa for a more comfortable experience.

PETMAKER Orthopedic Dog Bed

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This cover can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or removed via a zipper provided for a machine wash. 

The mattress is made from a dual layer of thick, high-density memory foam that is best for large dogs with joint problems like arthritis

The base is non-skid. The only hitch that we see is there is no solid waterproofing to avoid accidents.

Specific Features

  • Almost 5 inches think good quality memory foam and high-density foam layer

  • Microsuede and sherpa cover

  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes

  • Non-skid base


  • Affordable price

  • Convenient to use

  • Comes with an option for various sizes


  • No warranty offered

  • No solid waterproofing layer

Get the latest updates here PETMAKER’s 2-Layer Memory Foam Dog Bed #commissionsearned

9. Jumbo Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed – Extreme Comfort

Best Memory Foam Dog Bed For Better Lounging

Jumbo Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow is a great buy for your large bread heavy dog. The memory foam is tested under high pressure for long periods for durability so that the dog owners are never disappointed.

Jumbo Orthopedic Dog Bed

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The best part is that it comes with a double layer of waterproofing so accidents happening can be less worrisome and tedious for the dog parents.

Specific Features

  • 7-inch thick memory foam with the convenience of a headrest

  • Waterproof liner included

  • Anti-slip cover

  • Plush suede outer cover which is machine wash safe

  • Hypoallergenic bed


  • Double layered waterproofing

  • Premium quality memory foam

  • 3-inch headrest for better rest


Ample space is required to keep the extra large size

See for yourself Jumbo Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow #commissionsearned

10. American Kennel Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed – Most Reliable

Most Trustworthy Dog Memory Foam Bed

When the name AKC is linked to a dog product, we know for sure that it is safe for our pets to use. American Kennel Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed is best for senior dogs who spend their time in crates under training. Speaking of safe, the memory foam is environment safe too.

American Kennel Club Orthopedic Memory Foam

Shop on Amazon

It can be used as a sleeping pad without the crate as well. The main purpose of this pad is to bring ease to the joints of senior dogs which it does so well. This comes in a variety of sizes also.

Specific Features

  • 100% safe memory foam for the environment

  • Extra soft wave fur surface

  • Small to extra large sizes available

  • Non-skid base


  • Made from recycled material

  • Sizes available for all sized dogs

  • Good for kennel and crate use


More info American Kennel Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed #commissionsearned

4 Things To Consider Before Buying The Memory Foam Dog Bed

Memory foam beds became a sensation as soon as they hit the market. Everyone wanted to get their dibs on one, especially for their larger breed and senior dogs. 

Best for aging dog problems and even better for the most comfortable night snooze, the memory foam dog bed is one investment you will never look back on. 

The dramatic rise in companies manufacturing memory foam beds comes with its highs and lows. The thing is that a simple act of buying becomes bewildering for a buyer. 

With so many options splattered around, picking the right one is not easy.

Having said that, read below to learn about four factors that must be scrutinized when buying the best memory foam bed for your dog.

I. Density Of The Foam

Your dog’s whole weight is supported on its joints, even when it’s lying. A high-density memory foam bed is just the thing that will help relieve pressure on these points. 

This is mainly because there is a certain extent these foam beds let the weight of the body sink in.

So before getting your hands on an orthopedic bed aka memory foam bed for your dog, check its density. 

Ideally, the memory foam should have a density ranging between 3-4 inches. No less, though it can get higher. This is the same density as a premium-quality memory foam bed for humans.

If you are not getting this density, remember there is something fishy going on. The company is either using other cheap materials as filling or not providing what they claim to charge for. 

In either case, the foam used is not of high quality and will not prove to be durable. In the longer run, this will mess things up for your dog’s joint and bone health.

II. Temperature Control

Speaking of high density, memory foams do tend to heat up as the material reacts with the dog’s body temperature. 

That is why a good quality gel-infused memory foam bed will have temperature control in it. Your furry friend might feel barbequed in the middle of the night on a memory foam bed that does not have temperature control.

We know what came to your mind when we mentioned temperature control. No, please don’t go on looking for a temperature control gauge or something similar on the bed. 

A simple layer of gel-like material is added between the layers that keep the temperature from rising and elevates the sleep experience, especially in the “dog days” of summer.

III. Water Resistant 

This is a must must feature that your purchase should have. Especially if you are getting one for your senior dog who is having trouble

Sweat, urinary accidents, and whatnot. Be prepared for it all. Look for one that has a 100% waterproof liner that will prevent the dampness to reach the fillings underneath. 

If you are a nature freak and your furry friend is your partner in crime in your countless camping trips near the lake, the water-resistant feature will really come in handy. 

Not only that but beach trips or swimming dips become more relaxing when your memory foam bed is water-resistant.

Needless to say, the best dog memory foam bed will come with washable and durable covers that can be easily zipped off and zipped on.

IV. Skin Contact Safe Covers

Remember the cover of the mattress matters too. So don’t neglect this aspect. We are sure you wouldn’t want to discover your doggo going through the misery of allergic reactions from the material used for the covers. 

Go for the memory foam dog bed that is hypoallergenic and made from non-toxic materials. A foam with higher density and a tight woven cotton covering will be less inviting for the dust mites to party or make the bed their home.


They took over your heart but don’t let them get away with your bed. That is why it is time to go on a doggo bed spree. 

Get them one that has the same comfort that they find in yours. Especially if your doggo faces any joint and bone health problems, a memory foam bed may prove to be the best purchase.

Since we have reviewed 10 of the best dog memory foam bed out there, here is a recap of our top three picks. The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed tops our list for its premium quality. 

Our runner-up was Furhaven Sherpa & Suede Snuggery Memory Foam Dog Bed due to its unbeatable value for money and the second runner-up was Friends Forever Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed due to maximum sleeping space.

So much to learn with so many great dog-related tips, just visit our blog and bookmark it for later. We promise you that all your doggo issues are sorted with us. 

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