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Bulldog Ballet Day 2017: 7 Best And Beautiful Bully Dancers

Featured image by @_chloe_fat_pig
Let the classic music play! Get ready to celebrate the Bulldog Ballet Day 2017 next to our bully dancers. It’s a special day in Bulldogology town because we’re all fans of this dance genre.Therefore, we set a nice schedule for the day. Furthermore, we’ve caught our babies while preparing for the big night. So, you can get the chance to see how they prepare.

1.  I think I look gorgeous on this look because the tutu is standing out my eyes.

2. Happy Bulldog Ballet Day! But, I’m going to take a nap first before I go to celebrate.

3. A little massage session before I go to class because I deserve it more than anyone.

4. Look at me spinning around like nobody else. But, please don’t try this at home by your own.

5. Teaching my friends how to jump like a real ballet dancer because they want to learn from a pro.

6. Stretching session before my Bulldog ballet day show. Besides, it’s always good a warming muscle moment.

7. The trick is always looking like you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you won’t make any difference.

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