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Bulldog Bathtub Day 2017: 7 Funny Bulldogs Taking A Bath

Featured image by @abulldognamedotis
We know Bulldogs are not precisely excited about bath time. Although, we want to encourage Bulldog bathtub day celebration. This way, they can feel like this is something good for them, instead of a punishment. Even though when we only have good intentions, some bullies are not going to change the way they feel about it. So, find out how they reacted to bathtub time with their parents.

1. I still don’t know why I have to take a bath and celebrate a Bulldog bathtub day!

2. Bubbles are fun, but there’s nothing like this duck if you want to have a good time.

3. I want to say that I asked for hot water. But, no, you can’t even listen to me, right?

4. Here, pretending I want to be inside of the tub while looking gorgeous so that she forgets about the bath.

5. There’s nothing you can do to make me happy because I didn’t want to celebrate Bulldog bathtub day.

6. How many time are going to be here? I really want to go and take a nap instead.

7. She’s trying new products on me. How crazy is that, mom?

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