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Bulldog Bears 2017: Beautiful Babies Enjoying Bear Day

Featured image by @jeepchick9
Don’t we all love to get into Instagram and search for Bulldogs in funny costumes? Of course, everybody loves a beautiful baby playing being another animal or superhero. Therefore, we found a funny and adorable trend called Bulldog bears. Whether they look like bears or dress like one, we caught the most adorable babies. So, take a look and start planning the next costume for your bully!

1. We’re not real Bulldog bears. But, we support sports bears!

2. I’m only here because they told me I looked like a Bulldog bear.

3. This bear is the best gift we could get. Now, we can sleep over him.

4. Dad, I don’t think the ladies are going to like this costume!

5. Everybody thinks that being a Bulldog bear is so easy. But, look at me.

6. I can’t complain about this look because I receive much love in the streets.

7. Bears are the best toys for me. So, thank you, mom, for making my day.

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