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Bulldog Casting: 8 Handsome And Adorable Male Bullies

Featured image by @pnwadventurez
We’re looking for the next best male bully to conquer our bully ladies. Therefore, we prepared a Bulldog Casting in Bulldogology town. Thus, some of the most adorable and handsome Bulldogs in town sent some of their best pictures. But, we’re not only looking for a beautiful face. Therefore, they knew we wanted to see personality, talents, originality. Finally, we’ve got our best eight finalists. Scroll down and fall in love with them!

1.  Come here baby, but not too close so that the other girls can see me too.


2. Mom said I had to go to the casting because I’m irresistible.


3.  I’m so ready for this, but first, let me kiss myself in the mirror.


4.  Ladies can’t handle me because they love my charming smile.


5.  I do care, but I’m going to pose pretending like I don’t.


6. If you’re looking for the grunge boy, that’s me. Otherwise, I’m not your bully.


7.  Are you sure that there’s food in this casting? I’ll go out if there isn’t.


8.  You said I was too old for this, and now, you want me to get dressed.


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