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Bulldog Christmas 2017: 8 Beautiful Bulldogs Celebrating

Featured image by @bonediggerthebulldog
Jingle bells, Jingle bells! It’s that beautiful time of the year. Therefore, here at Bulldogology town, we’re ready to celebrate Bulldog Christmas with you and your bully. So, come and see how our beautiful citizens are getting ready for the festivities! Finally, don’t forget to show us pics if your baby!

1.  The first thing I take about on Christmas is Winter costumes because is freezing!

2. You might think all these presents are for you. But, they’re all for this baby you see here.

3. My mom confused herself and thought I was a Bulldog Christmas tree, but it’s OK.

4. Always cool for Christmas, but never the same because we are a perfect duplex.

5. I think I made a good tree. Although it was my first for Bulldog Christmas .

6. Everybody got the blues on Christmas. But, I just enjoy looking at the window.

7. Two Bulldogs ready to Christmas party, and having a lot of gifts this year.

8. You might think that I wear the lights because I look cute. But, I only wear them because they’re warm.

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