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Bulldog Diet: 7 Bulldogs Telling You What They Love To Eat

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We all want the best Bulldog Diet for our babies, and we certainly have to do some research, especially, when you have your first bully. Furthermore, we want them to be active, happy and healthy. Thus, the best way of doing so, it’s by giving them the right food. Although, once in a while, they want to skip the proper nutrients. So, we asked our Bulldogology town citizens about their Bulldog Diet.

1. Mom, why are you teasing me like that? Besides, you know I can’t eat too salty.


2. OK, I thought this was food, but apparently, I can’t think too clearly when hungry.


3. Do you say I’m going to accept your terms for a fake donut? Seriously, I won’t!


4. It looks like french fries, but it’s certainly fruits, and he’s trying to cheat on me.


5. Well, I’ll be straight. The only thing you need to keep a healthy Bulldog Diet, it’s water, but not too much.


6. You see Bulldog Diet as the proper nutrients, but to me, it consists on how many times I can eat.


7. In honor of the best food ever because we celebrated Bacon Day a few days ago, despite the fact that it’s not on the Bulldog Diet rules.


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