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Bulldog Family: 7 Gorgeous Bullies Celebrating Cousins Day

Featured image by @ourpetsquad
Bulldog family, put your paws and hands in the air! We’re here to celebrate our first chance of friendship. Yes, we want to honor our cousins! Therefore, we went around Bulldogology town and started catching up with some of the bullies. They were having a fantastic moment by sharing quality time with their cousins. You can see this little adventure down below. By the way, does your bully have a lovely cousin? Share your Bulldog family with us!

1. When cousins are together, humans can’t take it because we’re stronger.


2. My cousin and I look amazing with our “careless” pose, but I’ve got the best angle.


3. We’re the yin and yang. Therefore, the cousin balance of the world.


4. They say I’m the joker of the family, but I rather that than being the serious one like this guy.


5. Yeah! My human cousins and I party every day because we need to celebrate Bulldog family.


6. Apparently, these guys only speak Portuguese, but I think they said we were cousins.


7. Bulldog family together, stays together. Although our cousin is not a bully, we pretend he is.


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