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8 Adorable Babies Celebrating Bulldog Friends Day 2018

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Valentine’s Day is coming and until then, we need to celebrate Bulldog Friends Day 2018. Therefore, all our bullies in town are next to their besties. So, come join us and find out what are these bullies going to do. And, also tell us, does your bully have a best friend?

1. There are always two types of friends. One that is happy and another one that is grumpy.

2. Let me smell your ear. So, if I find food, then I can steal it from you.

3. No, we were not about to steal food. Instead, we were trying to find it and take it to mom.

4. Haters will say we’re just twins. But, let’s face it, we’re best friends forever

5. So, do you want to out and play or just want to lay in bed all day?

6. Yes, I hate when they lock us. How can we celebrate Bulldog Friends Day like this?

7. Our ideal way to celebrate Bulldog Friends Day is to take naps until the next week.

8. My friends might not be Bulldogs. But, they ride or die with me.

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