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Best Friends Day 2017: 8 Awesome Bulldog Friendships

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We celebrate happy occasions, mostly. In Bulldogology town, we share the best celebrations, and our Bulldogs join every event. Therefore, it’s inevitable that some of our babies become friends. Nevertheless, we noticed that some of the Bulldog friendships on our town are very awesome. Thus, we wanted to dedicate them a special day. So, we caught the best fellas in action for the Best Friends Day celebration. Also, we wanted to know if your bully has a BFF too!

1. Hey, dude! Relax but don’t fall asleep, or mom won’t make the dinner.


2. One of us is the serious one, and the another is the happy one, but we love each other.


3. Act like bored, thence, they will take us home now, and we can take a nap.


4. Run all you want, but remember, I’ll catch you and give you a hug.


5. Move! I want to be one in the center. Remember, you got your chance yesterday.


6. From all my friends, these are the ones which show more respect.


7. Bulldog friendships are the best! If you don’t believe us, look how much fun we have!


8. Run while you can. Otherwise, they will see you did poop over there.


Bulldog Friendships

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