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Bulldog Grandparents: Why Do We Love Old Bulldogs?

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Young, wild and free. That’s what these Bulldog were a few years ago, but now they see life in a different perspective. First, they were puppies. Afterward, they met their love of a lifetime and had beautiful kids. Lastly, they became Bulldog grandparents, and the only thing they have to care about is to eat and sleep all day. Furthermore, they’re responsible for giving a good example to their grandchildren, so they become good grandparents too.

1. What they don’t tell you is that after you’re old, the only thing you want to do is sleeping all day.

2. Please stop trying making me look like a young kid because the light is not helping.

3. I’m the cool grandpa, but I won’t let you make a huge party at my house tonight, OK?

4. When you’re happy, and yet, you won’t move from the couch even if there’s food in the kitchen.

5. My doctor says I look like a child because I used to laugh a lot about everything.

6. How about a grandma selfie? You have to like me. Otherwise, you’ll be grounded for two weeks.

7. No words needed here because it’s obvious that every male Bulldog has this moment too.

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