Featured image by @juniormybully
Did you know that hugs are the cure for the soul? That’s why Bulldog hugs the perfect medicine for a heartache or your monthly blues. Maybe we’re just looking for another excuse to give our pups some sugar and having them around us, but it’s true that hugs are and exchange of fresh energy. Therefore, why won’t we do it at least once a day? We think you should start this practice and secure the bonds of love with your bully.

1. Be ready, people! Dad and I are going to party tonight!

2. I bet you think that mom and I look like twin sister, right?

3. Wait! Let pose in my right angle if you want to hug me.


4. I always accept a hug from my mom because it always ends up in a long nap.

5. We don’t need humans. We prefer hugging each other and laugh out loud at our jokes.


6. Mom, come on! Let me breathe; you want to hug me all day.


7. Look how dad and I make ugly faces while hugging!


8. I’m getting older, but I will always be mom’s baby.


Bulldog Hugs