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Bulldog Mess: Why Your Dog Enjoys The Trouble

Featured Photo Credit: @hilarioushumanitarian
We know you try your best on making your dog have the best behavior, but sometimes they get a little bit mad, don’t they? Don’t be frustrated, sometimes we just forget they’re magic souls enjoying life and when they’re puppies, we might forget they’re just kids who love to play around. Maybe what we see as a mess, it’s not more than just another funny game for them. So, next time your dog goes on the “wrong way” stop, take a deep breath and try to be nice and gentle, maybe they do some of this Bulldog mess.

1. Stop mom, don’t yell at me, I’m contemplating the beautiful mess I made.

2. I tried to don’t get wet, but you know how I am.

3. Come here, you know you want to get into the mud too.

4. I’m a muddy bully, I can’t help myself.

5. If you stand from where I’m, it doesn’t look so bad, mom.

6. Mom, see, I just wanted to help you with the laundry, that’s it.

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