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7 Best Bulldog Pictures May 2017: 8 Bullies Posing Like Stars

Featured image by @harleythebaybulldog
In Bulldogology town, we’re all fans of Bulldog pictures. We appreciate the labor you do by taking fantastic pictures of your bullies. Without all the amazing pics we couldn’t go to sleep with a smile on our faces. Therefore, we made a quick contest in the central square and selected the winners. Of course, beyond showing you the awesome pics we choose, we also want to show you another the insights. Also, you’ll find hilarious what these Bulldogs were thinking. So, please enjoy the best from May!

1. We love to play with light and shadow but only if it makes me look good.


2. The trick for a good Bulldog picture is to show wrinkles, then, tongue.


3. I always show my best smile, even when it’s hard to stand here.


4. Wait a minute. I’m not ready for the picture!


5. Be ready, and take a picture like I’m an athletic beach Bulldog.


6. Pawrty! Are coming to join us or you prefer to stay bored at home?


7. Take the picture. Then, we photoshop the imperfections I don’t have.


8. Dad, we know you love different angles but, can we please stop jumping?


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