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8 Gorgeous Bulldog Puppies Welcome December 2016

Featured image by @direwolf_pl
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Christmas mood comes with the first day of December 2016, and our bullies sensed it. Does it smell like pine? Does it smell like ginger cookies?We bet Santa is already preparing some gifts for our pups. Furthermore, they’ve been living one of the best years in Bulldogology town, and they want to receive the last month happy and excited about the festivities. Would you join them? Bring your Christmas spirit and have fun.

1. Taking the last sun rays in a while. Winter is comming harder.

2. OMG! I couldn’t even see December was coming, but I think it’s awesome.

3. Here we are, getting the best of mom. How much we love December!

4. You know what they say: Roses are red, diamonds are blue, and I’m cute.

5. Yes, we’re mad! How is it possible that mom has to work in December too?

6. What do you think? I’m preparing this gift for my dad.

7. Come here my friend! I’ll tell you a few Christmas stories.

8. Stop it! You know I’m the Grinch of the family. Don’t bother me!

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