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Bulldog Puppy Day: 7 Little Bullies Giving Love

Who doesn’t love puppies? Of course, all of us do. That’s why we celebrate Bulldog Puppy Day, in honor to those precious little babies we adore so much. We enjoy watching them born, take the first steps, eat the first food, opening those eyes and being as adorable as they can be. When our bullies are puppies, they’re the most adorable thing in the world, with their baby wrinkles and bright eyes, lighting our lives! So keep scrolling down and celebrate the puppy love with us!

1. So, mom. Can I sleep in your arms just because it is my day?

2. Thank you, dad, for making this beautiful black and white portrait of me on my special day.

3. I won’t get up until you say we’re going to get some ice cream or cookies.

4. No, I’m not trying to look dangerous. I’m a tough guy since the day I was born.

5. What? Are you saying I’m the cutest thing you have ever seen?

6. Come closer, and I’ll tell you a little secret: I’m the most gorgeous.

7. When you know, you were born to be a handsome prince!

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