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Bulldog Sunshine: 8 Happy Dogs Playing With The Sun

Featured image by @bulldogdays
Hello, little Bulldog Sunshine lovers! If you’re here, it’s because you love to watch Bulldog pictures and adventures, as much as we do. Therefore, we notice every little thing our dogs love to do. As a result, we found out that they like to play under the shining sun. After cold months, they’re getting ready for this year’s summer season. Eventually, pool days and beach trips are going to come. So, we better get ready by taking the sun first.

1. Throwing the stick and catch is the best game to play under the sun!


2. What is this? I like it because it feels good. Can we play with it or can I poo on it?


3. Tell if this is not life! I love to play under the sun after destroying plastic balls.


4. Mom thinks that I’m enjoying yoga, but I’m only hiding under her shadow.


5. Nobody understands why do I love sleeping under the sun, but I tell it’s a hot thing!


6. There’s a part of me that wants to be under the sun, and another that just wants to sleep.


7. You know I’m a Bulldog sunshine, but let’s take a break for a few minutes, ok?


8. We look like Bullsog Sunshine magazine cover. Should we take another?


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