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Bulldog Thanksgiving 2017: Love And Appreciation

Featured image by @everythingdoggies
Thanks for the blessings, and thanks for our babies. It’s Bulldog Thanksgiving 2017 and we can’t stop from thanking our Bulldog experiences. Therefore, we prepared a huge celebration in Bulldogology town. Come bring something for dinner and share with us this lovely evening. And please, don’t forget to share your pictures with us!

1. I’m the perfect Thanksgiving card. But, I’m also perfect for Christmas.

2. Not sure if this is the food we’re having for Bulldog Thanksgiving, but it looks nice.

3. Guess who’s making dinner for tonight? But, please, bring red wine.

4. Mom, I don’t know, maybe people will think it’s me what they’re having for dinner.

5. Who are you trying to cheat on? I hate this because I was expecting real food.

6. Don’t be fooled by this toy because it’s not actually real food.

7. I’m happy for this costume because everyone will want me near tonight.

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