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8 Best Bulldog Videos You Should See Now [January 2018]

Featured image by @mmmbubba
January is a special month because it’s the first of the year, and we’re excited about everything. Therefore, people on Instagram get creative and produce awesome videos. Furthermore, most of the material is about Bulldog videos, which we obviously love a lot. Consequently, we picked the best of the month to show you.

1. Nobody does a wrinkle twerk like mom and me. Anyway, you can try at home.

2. We know, this is a graphic description of you and your siblings fighting for everything.

3. When you’re too tired. And yet, you’re always ready to record a video.

4. When your big brother tries to call the attention. But, your father is only spoiling him.

5. I know, you’re going to repeat this video forever because I’m too cute.

6. When she’s all over you. But, you don’t want people to know you’re not single.

7. Trying to accomplish a goal, even when you know it’s impossible.

8. How everybody looks like at the end of the month. And yet, we don’t feel guilty.

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