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How Bulldogs Celebrate Spring 2018? [7 Funny Posts]

Featured image by @zoebear_the_bulldog
We made it! Another Winter is gone and Spring 2018 is finally here. Therefore, it’s time for planning all the activities we love to do outdoors. And, of course, our Bulldogs are ready to celebrate too. As you know, they love to go out and see flowers grow as the sun comes up!

1. Of course, a good way of celebrating Spring 2018 is receiving a message

2. I decided to join the playground while we say goodbye to snow time.

3. We’re trying to wake up mom. But, she just wants to sleep and not celebrate.

4. Let’s finally enjoy a walk because Winter was so hard on us.

5. Who would say Spring 2018 was going to start with St. Patrick’s Day. But, yes, here we are.

6. Time for some ball play. Later, I’m attending a big fancy dinner.

7. I’m too happy because I won’t have to use those heavy clothing anymore!

8. Ok, it’s Spring 2018 now. So, can we go out and play?

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