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8 Incredible Bulldogs Celebrating 4th Of July

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Tastes like the 4th of July! First of all, if you’re in America, we want to congratulate you. Freedom is always a cool theme to celebrate. On the contrary, if you’re out of America, we’ll explain to you why such a party. It turns out that, every year, the United States of America celebrates its Independence Day. Therefore, everybody makes a good party, prepares a good meal and get a Patriot costume. And of course, we found our Bulldogs celebrating 4th of July.

1. Oh, my sweet America, I love you, but we have to take a nap before celebrating.


2. I think I look good. Although it’s a national party, we still have to look nice.


3. Tongue out Tuesday, plus 4th of July celebration. What a perfect mix to party!


4. Give me that toy because you made me put on this dress. Otherwise, I’ll take it off.


5. Hello, people. Listen carefully what I have to say, or you will miss the party.


6. Stylish! 4th of July is one of my favorite fashion dates because I love these three colors.


7. The set is ready for my friends and I because we take a national pride picture every year.


8. Yeah, yeah. Lots of celebration and happy costumes, but, where is the pizza?


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