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Shopaholic Bulldogs: Beautiful Bulldogs On Cyber Monday

Featured image by @dondon_bulldog
There’s no better way to say hello to December than a Cyber Monday. The bullies from Bulldogology town were expecting this special day during the year. Now, they can spend all their saved money on cool stuff. They found the best offers on the market and now they wanna show you what they bought. Watch them having fun and compare with all the crazy stuff you get. Did you buy some of our products? If it’s so, then show us!

1. Hello, there? I’m obsessed with microphones, so I got one!

2. I know, food lover only will understand the feeling of this picture.

3. I needed these glasses. If it’s winter here, I’ll escape wherever the sun is.

4. Don’t make fun of me! I buy everything that’s shining on the streets.

5. You know, I just needed more company. Therefore, I bought a friend.

6. It was the right time for me to get my computer.

7. Try to act normal. I know how hot I look in this new clothes.

8. I decided to reward my parent with all the shoes I bite and scratched

9. I’m a cautious dog, that’s why I bought a sweater for the winter.

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