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Adventure Time: Why Bulldogs Love Environment Day?

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Who said bullies don’t love to go out and play all day long? Today, we took all the equipment out and celebrated the Environment Day. In honor to those beautiful landscapes, nature gives us as a gift. Therefore, it’s a chance for us to take the sun, but, never without our Bulldogs. Furthermore, the wouldn’t forgive us if we don’t take them out. Nevertheless, we took precautions to spend an enjoyable day without inconvenience. Also, we asked our dog about how they felt about it. Let’s see!

1. Sing with me: “My dream is to fly. Over the rainbow, so high!”


2. They say lagoons are magic, but I think that they’re amazing!


3. It’s time to play with my ball outdoors, but first, I need to pee.


4. After a long day over the world, I decided to take a nap.


5. I can’t understand the water world, can you? It doesn’t make sense to me.


6. You can’t tell how happy I’m when running, but you can try.


7. Jump or not to jump. There it is the question. Therefore, I say, jump!


8. Are we going to the park or not? Because the backyard doesn’t count as outdoors today.


Environment Day

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