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7 Incredible And Lovely Bulldogs Of August 2017

Featured image by @vegasfrenchies
Another month is gone, and December is almost here! But, let’s focus on the present and celebrate these 7 Bulldogs of August 2017! Surely, we want to keep improving on the best ways of taking care of them. Furthermore, we want to show you some babies that seem to be happy with what they’re. Therefore, we took some of our Bulldogology citizens by surprise, and others were sure of their spot on this list. So, keep scrolling and enjoy our selection!

1. You can be serious, and yet, you can be stylish and the hottest bully in town.


2. Have you ever seen a smile like this? No, of course, you haven’t!


3. Oh my god! It’s such an honor to be one of the best Bulldogs of August 2017, but I didn’t expect it.


4. Me before I knew that I was one of the best Bulldogs of August 2017, and me after the news!


5. Sure, I knew I was going to be selected because I’m incredibly adorable and perfect.


6. After a great summer, I can only think of being in a pool refreshing. Thank you, by the way.


7. You caught me at work! Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that a Bulldog like me deserved to be on this list!


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